Is Farming Simulator 22 Worth It on Xbox One | Series S|X?


Is Farming Simulator 22 Worth It On Xbox One | Series S|X? Here you’ll get my view after spending quite some hours with the game as a relative newcomer to the genre. I am playing Farming Simulator on Xbox Series X.


In this video, I run through the initial tutorials that come with the game and show you why these are nowhere near enough to explain how to play this game.

I think Farming Simulator 22 is worth it because it provides hundreds of hours of potential gameplay. However to appreciate what the game has to offer you have to spend a long time looking for tutorials on how to use the dozens of tools and systems available.

One thing to point out is that Farming Simulator 19 is available on Xbox Game Pass and offers much of what the new version offers. So is it still worth forking out on the newer version? I think the 19 version is helpful to try out prior to purchasing Farming Simulator 22 to make sure you’re going to enjoy this type of game.

Farming Simulator 22 is a simulation game which means it’s best suited to people who like slow gameplay that rewards patience and understanding of game mechanics. This game takes many hours to understand and to play. If you’re patient with it, it’s an enjoyable game and I think it’s worth its price.

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