Stara Imperador 4000 v1.0 FS22


Stara Imperador 4000 v1.0 FS22

The superior spraying efficiency of Stara’s self-propelled 4000 is the result of innovative technologies combined with proven application quality. The Imperador sprayers stand out for their excellent application precision, ensured by central booms. When coupled with technologies like Continuous Recirculation System, Dual-Line System, and Intelligent 4-Wheel Steering, they provide even more precise spraying with increased cost-effectiveness.
The Imperador 4000 sprayer is equipped with the Up and Down System, allowing for a maximum application height of 3 meters, enabling entry into more advanced stages of crops.
Power: 295 hp
Price: $285,605
Capacity: 4000L
Fuel: 340L
Suspension lift system
Optional wheel configurations
Ballast adjustment
Fully functional 100% suspension
These features make the Imperador 4000 an advanced and versatile solution for precise and economical crop spraying.
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Credits:Stara Brasil e Connect Modding

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