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FS22 Forklifts & Excavators

Forklifts and excavators in Farming Simulator 22 are types of vehicles designed to lift, transport and laying loads of various types. Unloading is carried out into mixing plants, other vehicles, trailers, fertilizer machines. You can simply move the desired object from one piece of land to another too. You can transport loose goods (sand, snow) or solid (hay, fertilizer, objects, silage). The forklift is mainly used to move solid cargo, because it is equipped with special forks. Excavator is needed to move loose goods, because it has a deep bucket in its arsenal.

New Holland W190 D v1.0 FS22

New Holland W190 D v1.0 FS22 THIS IS A LIGHT MODIFICATION MADE ON MY PART. Price: 176.000€ Power: 234 hp Max. speed: 40 kph Version Plateforme PC ...

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