Hi everyone,

If you watched my latest vid, you would of noticed the blurry graphics..
In this vid I have found the reason for the blurry graphics in the distance, fidelity fx or dlss for team green, if you are not a pc expert like myself I hope this vid helps you, as it took me a few hours turning settings on and off to find the reason why.. Also I’ve shared my settings for medium to high cards.. ie
– Team red Amd rx570 rx580 etc or similar
– Team green Nvidia gtx 1060 gtx 1070 etc etc..

Anyways I hoped this helped



  1. I had the same problem. All I did to fix it was go to my NVIDIA driver, click search for games, added FS22 to my NVIDIA driver and clicked optimize, then launched FS22 from the NVIDIA driver itself. all problems were fixed. hope this helps someone.

  2. Hi, I have a problem, the quality of the game I change the resolution scaling to 200% and the game looks like minecraft after a few minutes, even though the settings are still the same, what should I do and whether anyone has / had a problem with it 🙂

  3. If I may add,…there are more settings you can do to improve quality, like eliminating distance buildings being blurry, or getting rid of that circle around your equipment ( tractors, combines, etc..) what I mean is everything is blurry outside of that circle, and here is how to fix that, go to your saved gave folder, depending if you have the Giants downloaded version or the Steam version of the game the place of this may change but it should be something like this, look under c:userthe name of your computer heredocumentsMy GamesFarmingSimulator2022 folder. now before doing anything make a copy of your game.xml file to use as a backup in case you mess something up. open the Game.xml file with notepad++ or any program you use for opening .xml files. look for the following lines, if you don't have these lines then go ahead and add them. look for <scalability>…below this line you will see <performanceClass>Very High</performanceClass> now add the following if you don't have it, make sure it is in lined up below the <perfofmanceClass>….line, add.. <viewDistanceCoeff>3.00000</viewDistanceCoeff> also in-line just below that add <lodDistanceCoeff>3.00000</lodDistanceCoeff> and add one more line… <foliageViewDistanceCoeff>3.00000</foliageViewDistanceCoeff>,…so it should look like this….

    <performanceClass>Very High</performanceClass>

    now save and exit, start the game. Start with the 3.00000 settings for all 3 lines, you can experiment with going further,… 3.500000 this will depend on your graphics card abilities, 3.00000 is a good place to start. basically this is setting the graphic distance to 300% instead of the max in game stock of 200%. write the text exactly the way I have it written, have fun :o)

    FYI: if you want to have access to the developers console in game then go to the bottom line in the same Game.xml file and look for <development>…..<controls>false</controls> change it from false to true, save and exit. When in game hit the tilde key once, then once again, now you will have a # …. hit the tab key to cycle through all the different commands you can use, and yes, there is a money cheat there… oh one last thing you must do for the console cheats to work,… on your desktop where you have the icon for fs22,… right click on the icon and go to properties, in the target box is where the executable file is, add the "-cheats " to the end of FarmingSimulator2022Game.exe -cheats (make sure you leave one space between) also for those of you that wish to stop the intro movie from playing at start up and just want to go straight to the menu then simply add -restart,
    so it should look like this,……..FarmingSimulator2022Game.exe -restart -cheats

  4. I had to refund the game i bhought yesterday from steam i got gtx 1050 even low setting didn't work but i haven't done advance setting what you did now im not sure to buy again or not it will be okay or not 🙁


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