Farming Simulator 22 Tutorial | Horses


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  1. I got 19 just for the horses and really enjoyed them until I could get a hold of RDR2. Once I had RDR2, no other ingame horses looked good.

  2. Great vid btw just something to say I’m on Xbox series s and when I place any animal enclosure and say that was cows i buy the max amount of cows for the that enclosure and it can only see like 6-10 of that animal and that happened every time with every animal even if I just buy a few 🙁 I was just wondering if u could help me out!??

  3. I've said this on another channel, but I seriously think that YouTuber's have some type of license they get, which means that when they do tutorials/streams of the game that the game developer gives them a bug free game and then for everyone else, the game is full of bugs. In my stable, I have ridden my horses daily, went to a new day, ridden the horse again and still it is stuck on 32% and price of horse wasn't even going up in price, so with the instant loss from the time you buy them and the loss of crops (which is potential income) this made a massive loss. First time I ever experienced a loss on horses since I first had horses, which I think was FS19 l. So now I decided to sell my horses until they get this fixed.


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