Is This The Best Production Autoload Mod | Farming Simulator 22


If you are looking for an autoload mod that hold almost everything then the TLX 2020 Box-It is for you.

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TLX 2020 Series by @82studio

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  1. I want a universal multitype pallet autoload mod that works with the Pallet Storage mod. In case you don't know what I mean I want to be able to go to a sell point that has multiple products and pick up all of the products, instead of having to do . multiple trips back and forth

  2. The TLX box-it is very useful but I couldn’t get the box-it to fill from 82’s multi buy station (I was curious), the Auto Load Trailer by erShaba is worth a mention in this regard as it can be filled from 82’s multi buy station.

  3. I cannot wait to start putting all his vehicles to full use in the new silver run forest and elm Creek.
    And once someone comes out with a container sell point I can't wait to start doing containers on elm Creek or other maps.

  4. I was happy to have an auto load the first time I played silver run dlc. Still didn't understand why 82s didn't work but yet the auto load trailer did. It was the only one I found. And yes hauling metal was a trip. Tires in the ground, only vehicle I found that would pull it was the color modded big bud at 4 to 6 mph up hill. I still have major issues with the tlx9000 getting stuck everywhere. 3 red axle. Just won't move.

  5. I've been using the "Big Bag Pack" with it's strap winch but after searching for even a better way as even with the strap method it's still repetitious and can be taxing on troubled hands and fingers, I came across the Universal Autoload mod which allows the use of the base game trailers.

    Another unrelated thing that I found as well by accident, for those that don't already know you can sell to Elmcreek without using the train, The point where the train enters the tunnel it kept dumping my product on the road and into the woods so when I went to retrieve my items I went across the tracks and got a sell notice so from then on I would rent the train for the "roll play aspect" but not use it, I leave it at the rental station and just use truck and trailer to sell my items by driving over the tracks at the sell point up against the boarder and than go back and release the train.

  6. Does it actually work now? Because I tried this mod months ago, on huat beyleron and it didn't work. It autoloaded everything into the container, but when I went to sell it wouldn't unload into the sell points. I had to unload and take every single pallet by hand (forklift) in order to sell my products. Immediately rage quit and deleted the mod.

  7. I personally like to have my pallets showing so I use universal autoload but for console players the TLX is the best tool to use! Just wish the physics were better to do it by hand.


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