Improvements in Farming Simulator 22 – GIANTS Engine 9


Savor using the new Farming Simulator 22. The game will give you enhanced performance and unparalleled graphics. All this has the most fresh version of our game engine. The GIANTS Engine 9 is a collection of new DirectX 12, Parallax Occlusion Mapping, and other enhancing. Thomas Brunner, who is the most important Engineer in the organization, said that users will soon see new changes in the program. This article shows his interview.

Why don’t we use engines from other brands?

In short, developers need a game engine that allows them to perform tasks with maximum clarity. It will also allow them to farm on virtual fields. However, game engines from other brands are more suitable for games such as shooters or racing games. Our engine will no longer appear unfinished to users and will allow them to experience far more prospects than any other engine in the world.

This engine is not interchangeable if the developer does not make a few changes in his work in advance. If we used a different engine for Farming Simulator, we would have to create many more settings. The result is that we get our own, customized engine. We are also able to sell a wide range of modifications to our users only because we have our own engine, which is another benefit of its use. Thomas Brunner discusses all the details of this engine in its big presentation.

What are the levels of in-game performance that we can expect?

DirectX 12

The version of Farming Simulator 22 for desktops and laptops offers its users a huge number of benefits and advantages. Those Farming Simulators that our company produced years earlier had a basis in the form of DirectX 11 / OpenGL. DirectX 11 is obsolete and at the same time, DirectX 12 gives the developers the possibility of full control of how their program interacts with the CPU and GPU.

There is only one conclusion to this. It can be said that GIANTS Engine 9 is the ideal device for the unmatched control and regulation of state resources in the game. This engine makes the gameplay more productive. As a result, gamers get a less busy driver and processor.

Texture Streaming

On top of that, the developers took care of the texture streaming that the Texture Streaming device would provide the gamers. At the same time, our company takes into consideration that the computer screen should display the type of texture that will be automatically reproduced as high or low. Thanks to this technology, developers can put many more items into the game world and make the number of active cells for each vehicle small. As a result, users will not be forced to use excessively heavy textures of each individual transport. The boot time is another point that has become less: the point is that when you start a game, you don’t have to load too heavy textures.

Occlusion Culling

The optimization process also includes the elimination of occlusion effects. This procedure makes it possible for developers to create a detailed and wide world of the game. Occlusion Culling spares developers that the engine will need an expensive rendering of items that are not visible visually. A simple example is a vault that sits behind the shed: it will not be seen on the screen until the gamer himself sees it with his own eyes. This item allows us to increase productivity by increasing the economy of resources.

Describe the new potential benefits of improved graphics

Temporal Anti-Aliasing is another point that Farming Simulator 22 has. It makes it possible to reduce the number of unnecessary rendering objects. Among them are «ragged» edges and also specular highlights, which unpleasantly twinkle on screen. TAA is a high-quality time smoothing algorithm that GIANTS Engine 9 includes. However, every gamer can disable this feature if it does not want to see the results of its work or if it has a weak computer.

In older games, the developers used MSAA. It was included by default in the game and allowed for excellent smoothing during the game. TAA is a more modern and faster solution that makes the game more productive. TAA makes all artifacts more invisible, including blinking specular highlights, while MSAA is only responsible for the clarity level of geometrics.

Parallax Occlusion Mapping

Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA)

Parallax Occlusion is a function that is responsible for the best detail of the landscape and other surfaces during the game. All you need to do is turn on this feature in the game settings. In the end, the game will become even more real-world-like because the game will be replete with details such as car tracks on the road. You can study all details of the Parallax Occlusion Mapping function in another article.

Improved Shadows

The GIANTS Engine 9 now has many notable improvements and changes in shadow rendering. What you will see first of all is the depth of the shadows. Due to this improvement, the game has higher-quality long-distance images. Now the game is more plausible.


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