Take a look at the new build mode in Farming Simulator 22


The developer of Farming Simulator 22 presents gamers with the latest and perfect construction mode, refined mechanics of moving of houses, and active landscape architecture. Those who were viewers of FarmCon 2021 may have an average idea of this.

Gamers who were unlucky enough to attend the event can read the article in detail. Jos Kuijpers, who is the game’s lead programmer, details all the innovations of Farming Simulator 22. Later, such persons as quality assurance specialist and gameplay developer Ken Burgess and Stefan Maurus will perform the most complete test of the game’s functionality. We will be able to observe this process in a small game session.

Name the major improvements that gamers will see in the new mode

First, we made a completely new construction mechanic, which will be unlike the version from Farming Simulator 19. There were two reasons for this improvement. The point is, we wanted to make the game more comfortable. Moreover, we have decided not to ignore the many comments and advice that gamers have sent us over the past year.

Second, now we have an updated functional and new production chains that create the need for a broad build mode. Our company has completely redesigned mechanics. Now the number of objects that can be placed in the game is larger and the control structure is much simpler and more ergonomic.

Each gamer will be able to change modes instantly, such as building construction and landscape architecture design, from this day forward. Landscape architecture is a separate issue. Now you can edit landscapes even more productively because you will have new tools and features in the game. You can build your dream farm soon.

Has build mode also improved?

Farming Simulator 22 has new agricultural crops, and most gamers already know this. For example, building vines will be the main vehicle for olive and grape plantations. Moreover, to effectively build a vineyard, you will open a build mode and sow a whole field with fertile soil with seed grapes.

Those users who like to breed animals can easily build beautiful and durable fences. The game will also be replenished with new types of enclosures for animals and stalls. Creating a fence will be as easy as planting a vineyard. The collection of fences includes ten exemplars and gates.

Describe the new placeables

In short, we have several categories under this issue.

  1. Classification of buildings by shed type, silo, containers, and even tools. Rudolf Harman’s fresh sheds are included in this, and they, as we know, have expanded functionality. We mean gardening service stations and solar panels.
  2. The production process deals with the types of buildings that are used in several production chains and to earn money. The game will also have industrial productions, shops, gardens, and greenhouses.
  3. New pet enclosures will be added to animal housing. They will vary in size and function depending on the type of animal you have on your farm.
  4. New decorations will also appear in the game. Among them are fences, street lighting, and so on. This innovation will make your homestead more detailed and productive.
  5. The category called landscape design has, first, a technique for creating and editing landscapes. Secondly, you will be able to make sculptures, drawing to detail plants and their structural components. All this will allow you to make your homestead more unusual.


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