How To Lift Full Pallets By Hand On Console | Farming Simulator 22


In this video I show you how you can lift full production pallets on console for Farming Simulator 22. I also show you a trick to convert existing production pallets to be able to lift them as well.

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  1. You can stack a pallet on an other, grab the bottom one and lift the both. (technicly 200 Kg)

    And i'm not totaly sure but when i saved and left my save game and i always turn off my PS5, when i returned pallets where liftable.

    However great mod, at first i thought i didn't need litftable pallets and the TLX autoload both but,
    when you have e.g the bakery and produce bread and cake they spawn in mixed stacks
    if you pull up the TLX autoloader it starts loading 1 pallet bread and that's under 10%
    then it starts loading cake, the bread it loaded earlyer is lost and the cake is now under 10% and it starts loading the next pallet of bread and lose the cake and so on and you end up losing all your products if you don't pull the TLX away. (As you showed in an earlyer video)

    Then this mod is verry handy to first sort out your products

  2. have you heard that the game is broken on xbox series s/x? The last update from a few weeks ago broke hdr10 and now the game is black and white. kind of sad it is still like this, I was enjoying playing on console.

  3. First we get place anywhere.
    Then we get auto load for pallets.
    Now we can lift up pallets.

    Good times for console farmers.
    Things are looking good for next FS when it's current gen game only!


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