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So you have Farming Simulator 22 download and installed today, you can’t wait to launch the game and jump into the game. Hang On! You could spend a few minutes to unlock some additional settings and options within the game, disable those annoying intro videos, enable the developer console, remove the horrible circle of death from your vehicles and improve how the game looks on PC even more then the in game options allow. Watch this video to see how to take your FS22 to another level and give yourself some extra tools to help towards the best possible gaming experience. Works on all versions of Farm Sim 22 or Landwirtschafts Simulator 22 for those players with Non-English language versions of the game.

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  1. 3:53 makeing the circle of visiblity larger
    7:03 enable devoper console
    9:51 disableing the intro videos (giants verison)
    11:34 disableing the intro video (steam)
    to add to that for epic user. on the top right theres a circle with the first letter of your username. click on that > settings. scroll down and find farming simulator 22 > put check at "addictional command line arguments" > -restart -cheats

  2. Help Please, today 2-18-2022, after the game crashed, after some time after the video changes, which I had to reinstall the game fresh, I tried to change the 1st part of this, making the circle larger, I could not make those changes that you showed, as parts of those files have/were different/changed, now I am only posting this so you know, I could/can do the rest if I so wanted and I did to those I wanted to change, Later

  3. don't use -restart with fs22 use -skipStartVideos instead, -restart can cause the game to start in the settings menu all the time

  4. TY for these tips/info on how to do things that help play batter and make game easier and look better not only for others but myself, Thanks again and see you in the funny papers soon, lol, Later PS: I have sub up here and on another channel too

  5. Hi thank you so much very helpful and your very passionate into making your videos the best. I was expecting you to have loads off subs but couldn’t believe how many you have and the views you have should be thousands.

  6. I'm running a 3070ti and I've spent 6 weeks trying to stop the stuttering I think my problem is my monitor is a 144hz I can run at 59 99 119 or 144 tbh I'm at breaking point with it as soon as I change something either get tearing or stuttering hell I can run this at very high at 130fps but it cooks the card and still stutters any ideas to help please.

  7. Have you noticed a performance drop after the latest update? I'm on an i9 9900k 208pti and I'm at 1440p. It runs smooth but I get random stutters. Especially when I'm driving.

  8. Hi C Dub, have now got my new FS22 gifted on STEAM from my son for "Chrissy" (But been strictly told by him I cannot open it until Father Christmas delivers it on the 24th!!) and have therefore been relooking at your excellent vid of 23 Nov.
    Regarding the Circle of Death and DOF comments where you recommend the adjustments for a 'Prettier Picture', and to see the distance clearly – Do you think these adjustments had anything to do with your game crashing when you got to a certain point on the map?? I noted that you said you had to reduce your graphics a bit to stop the game crashing, so if I do as you recommend to attain a better picture and a clearer distance, will my game start crashing at the same point (or similar) or hasn't it anything to do with it and I am barking up the wrong tree??

  9. I have a Ryzen 5 3400g, 16gigs of drr4 ram running at 3200mhz in duel channel, and a gtx 1650 super 4 gigs GDDR6. I can't get rid of the blur when I move away from equipment. Writing becomes extremely blurry. I don't have this problem with fs19 or other games I play lol. It's blurry just standing still after you move away. It's irritating lol.

  10. i did all that, but my i cant open the console, I have super speed enabled idk how to turn it off so that means it has enabled dev commands but I still cant open the console ,plz help(I have the steam version)

  11. Just seen your site via the tube and as a result subsequently SUBSCRIBED and hit the bell for MORE – very well done! Had ALL FS from 15, but have not bought FS22 yet. To be honest, I like ALL the additions Giants have included especially the vehicle tasking, BUT – have never been a fan of Seasons having played it ONLY once and could not get it. What I REALLY do NOT like is that we can only get ONE crop per year in FS22, I loved the fact that you could get crops nearly overnight in FS19, so that's a bummer for me.
    What I also regret is NO GPS and obviously NO Courseplay yet so I might wait until that comes out. Just one thing, saw from your video how to change the MONEY amount through the tilde key, but can you change the money as per FS 19 ie my games/FS19/saved game 1 etc/farm ??
    Thanks for your info please keep it coming (by the way, when you were looking for the spader in your Ep 1, couldn't you have used the seeder that has a plow facility to save you buying a plow or the spader??


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