Xbox Series S | Farming Simulator 22 | Graphics Test/First Look


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Welcome to my channel, my name is Maurice and thank you for watching to these video’s

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  1. I'm having all kinds of FPS issues on this game, the vehicles and buildings stutter horribly and I have heard it might be a problem with the shader cache but only seems to affect Xbox, not PS or PC…Praying for a patch to fix this

  2. Hy great vid !The 2 map you have try is on Suisse Alp ,the Rigi (tractor)Rigi is a Mountain 🇨🇭Near Luzern See 😉 (i live on Suisse Lugano)my mom is from Luzern;)🇨🇭!Tomorrow i buy it Ciao 👋

  3. I remember a PS4 pro update for one of the games allowed you to not only adjust the rendering resolution, but also the detail settings, Is that not included in the Series S version?

  4. Even i dont own this console i like to watch this series for some reason lol
    reason i dont own this is because i have a mid range pc same or better specs than this console , ofc some games are better on console because optimization 🙂


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