WINTER JOBS – Farming Simulator 22 FS22 Elmcreek Ep 4


Doing a few jobs over winter and selling the straw.
Get Farming Simulator 22 Here:

Music List:
1: Got Me Stone Cold – Tape Machines
2: Gotta Be My Someone – Tape Machines
3: Green Summer Waves – Qeeo
4: Hard Way to Better (STRLGHT Remix) – Siine

Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound



  1. Like others have said. Thank you for doing real videos and not acting like a sales person for giants like many of the other youtubers are doing. You didn't do the money cheat thing. Just playing it regular like all of us would be doing. I find it strange that you have only used the new AI stuff I think once so far. Would also like to know what your overall thoughts are on the game.

  2. Hey chainsaw, might wanna consider games like forza horizon 5, since you have a wheel it will be really fun to drive around and really fun for us to watch too, also love the new game, really excited


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