These Weeds Are Stubborn! | Start From Scratch: Haut-Beyleron | Farming Simulator 22 Let's Play


The sunflowers have germinated on Haut Beyleron, but with them so have the weeds! Time to get a weeder to remove them, but these weeds are stubborn!

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  1. Mulching followed by Direct driling gives you medium weeds in your field. If you want to go to a completely base weed state you need to cultivate after mulching, before seeding. As @TGN_Noclue said, a walk in the field is necessary to see exactly what the weed state is and what tool is required. The other "challenge" that you didnt quite get too is that weeders and hoes are particularly problematic when trying to use a worker and precision farming. It seems that the clumping spotty distribution of weeds keeps telling the worker that they have finished. They do little bits and then stop or completely miss lots of areas. You end up having to redo yourself.

  2. I had that weed thing happen to me during early play. The issue I found: weed state is reported as the youngest weeds, so if you have small and medium, it tells you that there are small weeds and to use a weeder. Once you run with a weeder, it then reports medium weeds and you need a hoe. I took to just running with a hoe, since it deals with everything but large weeds, you can easily see the large weeds because they flower, and don't need to worry if the green weeds are small or medium.

  3. Sometimes my field info says weeds growing just after planting, wonder if they could be the older weeds you are seeing. And the sensors need to be turned on manually (alt+b), not sure if they stay on when tractor turned off.

  4. Walk around the field and the "field info" box will tell you what weeds you have, and if you need a weeder or hoe. I also think that weeds will grow during a game day (not just over night), so weeding is best early in the morning.

  5. I avoid mechanical weeding as much as I can. Yes the yield is better, but the process is a pain and the env score is lowered.

    Spraying is expensive and easy, plus a better score.

    Typical fs22 compromising 😆.

    I "cheat" the system. Plow the field (= no weed) then direct drill (=max score) then drive over crop with John deer sprayer (=no herbicide used + no yield loss + max weed score)


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