How to setup Real Dashboard on any vehicle in Farming Simulator 22 – Tutorial


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  1. I downloaded it from mod hub after it released, afterwards I activated it in the game and it didn't work for me, I went back on modhub and clicked on the link and was taken to the gethub I think, anyways I got the PDF, but it was in German, I couldn't understand how to put it in, although out of frustration I uninstalled it from the game, I hope that there is a better means developed to install the mod, less confusion, and been in English to where I can understand it, and install it, and enjoy it.
    I'm keeping a copy of it to my PC, Incase I get the help I need to make it work
    Have a great day

  2. oh my god. middle mouse button moves stuff.. ive always cut and paste since i figured the autistic editor just couldnt move items. yes, im not reading the editor commands. i learn like this, at random

  3. For some reason after following the pdf guide and this video I get the same results. A super blurry screen that only shows text if close up and it stays on at all time regardless of engine status. It also doesn’t show any fill types even though I have corn in the grain cart I have attached. Any ideas?

  4. I'll be trying this out there Kederk. However I could barely see your text in the youtube window (even while maximized). So we shall see if I can get it right. Have a good one.


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