How to REMOVE Placeable Trees in FS22? | Farming Simulator 22 | Tutorial Series


What can you do with the new placeable trees in Farming Simulator 22? I’ll let you know in this short tutorial.

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  1. If you want rid of trees instantly then install lumberjack addon. Comes with super-strength addon built in. Cut down tree with chainsaw while holding the ALT key ( look for a red cutting marker and not the green cutting marker) and bye bye tree and stump instantly 🙂

  2. Míke in farm sim 19 if you cut a placeable tree my game would make my selling points and buildings dissappear, is it safe to cut them in 22 with causing scrpit errors?

  3. I've spent countless hours doing this cause i dislike all the trees on my lots. I feel like there has to be something simple where you can just delete them lol. Currently, I've had issues with some trees exploding into a tree monster, they look like Groot on roids.


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