Farming Simulator 22 – Early Access Coverage Schedule – Starts Friday the 19th


Farming Simulator 22 – Early Access Coverage Schedule – Starts Friday the 19th

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  1. Hey Arthur! Very excited for these videos!! You had mentioned that you were going to talk about some multiplayer stuff. Did you see my latest comment on our last thread about what I was talking about when it came to that money cheat? I think I gave a step-by-step ish (lol) of how it works. I wanted to make sure you knew I wasn't talking about the government subsidy money cheat in the game. Best of luck! You are so talented at this and you have the perfect voice for it! 😊

  2. Why doesn't giants make anymore farming simulators for mobile they have 4 games so far on mobile 14 16 18 and 20 so where is 22 for mobile there supposed to release one every other year I believe

  3. Awesome. I will be heading to a week vacation on Sunday so will have to wait to play when I get back. Will enjoy watching your streams on it though!

  4. The reason some get it Sunday evening is because of time zones and things like that I believe the same happened with 19 because of giants time zone I do believe like east coast anyway is like 5 hours behind which if its November 22 midnight giants time I believe that makes it November 21 7pm eastern time in the US aleast that’s how it went with farm sim 19 I do believe

  5. Congrats on getting it early.i am looking forward to seeing you in game.i won't buy it for a few months to a year as I always do.i wait till they get all the patching done.i might try get into your twitch but if I have to pay to join I won't as I don't have any money right knees are going to hell on me so I am not working.i am filing for social security disability but have only just started.


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