How to Harvest Wheat | Farming Simulator 22


Here’s how to harvest wheat in Farming Simulator 22. I show you what equipment you need, how to use it and how to either harvest the field yourself or use an AI worker. I also show how to empty the grain into a trailer. I then show you where to sell grain, I transport it there and sell it.


I am showing How to Harvest Wheat in Farming Simulator 22 on Xbox, but the principles are the same on any platform.

Harvesting in Farming Simulator 22 is fairly simple when you know how. It’s quite a nice, relaxing task to do. Try to keep your harvesting in straight lights as this will help with collecting straw for bales in future a lot easier. If you want to know how to make straw bales, please check my other videos at the end of this video.

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  1. Bless you! I was so confused why my header stopped harvesting. I thought the 100% was it saying I still had a 100% of the job to get done. XD I was so mad that I said, "Yeah, I know! Now tell me why you stopped working so I can get it done!" XD


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