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Farming Simulator 22 Now with the exciting addition of seasonal cycles! New machine categories and crops will add new gameplay mechanics to the experience.


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Take on the role of a modern farmer and creatively build your farm in three diverse American and European environments. Farming Simulator 22 offers a huge variety of farming operations focusing on agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry – now with the exciting addition of seasonal cycles!

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  1. Love this game, I’m not sure if you know or if anyone has said but previous games had a small stock of most grain in the silo. If you sell all of it it should be around 250.000

    Last game I tried this in as 2019

  2. Have to lime every 3 full crops you harvest and plow destone the fields afterwards as well. Fertilizer liquid or solid once the fields read for seeding and a second time once they start to grow but make sure your tractor has narrow wheels so you don't damage crops etc. 🙃

  3. I've been playing medium difficulty and starting to do grain farming good sized field and everything I need to start just got my big tractor for half price and now just need to start earning the cash to maybe have a actual home to go to bed lol 😅

  4. I love you videos!
    This one cracked me up!
    I have been playing FS for years. They do need to explain the train silos and how to sell from there better for new players. It looks like the others explains how to do it pretty good . O and you can fill all the cars with different goods. Logs,pallets and crops.

  5. I started few days ago with my first ever farm in FS and i feel i have so much to learn but the game explains so few things. I just watch experienced players and try to learn. How do this people know what to do or use all the time its confusing ^^.

  6. I'm actually so glad this fail happened, cos this is the mess I normally make of missions ! I dont wanna sound harsh but Nice to see big streamers can mess up too, it keeps things real. Your content is always great Z1, keep doing what you're doing 🙂

  7. Farm Sim is an amazing game and seems to be a never ending learning process. FS22 has added quite a bit above and beyond what everyone knew in FS19. The one thing that I can guarantee still holds true, buy the base model fertilizer spreader, fill it up and pick up every fertilizer contract that comes up! On the plus side, those crops from the contract are still sitting waiting for you in the railroad silo. I believe someone else mention it that you needed to unload right where you did and then rent the train. You can then drive the train and load up the box car right where you dumped out that load on the train tracks. It really does get better if you can make it past the initial growing pains.

  8. If you get a subsoiler you should be able to attach it to your tractor and the attach a sowing machine to the subsoiler and do both the cultivating and sowing tog together and eliminate the need for the extra traction so you could sale it and reimburse yourself for the subsoiler
    (Not sure if they left that feature in but I know it was in farming sim 19)

  9. z stream the game and people can give you tips as you go and explain more about how to progress, you needed to losd the train yourself and then drive it to the sell point. get a fertalizer spreader with the two icons, one is lime the other is fert. The little bottle when looking at the sprayer is herbiside for srpaying the weeds. you should also look at a rock picker or go through your settings and turn rocks off. the reason your seeds didnt go down when planting is also in your settings. The worker was buying seeds at a higher price. Hope you see this and even more so i hope it helps.

  10. Don't worry, I did a mission and completed it 100%. Except the game said I only delivered 16% of the crop and did not complete it? SO… I think some missions may be broke! As usual Devs release a game and expect us to find all the problems so they did not have to pay people to test it out. We have become the game testers. We have accepted broke games for too long. But They expect us to pay them for throwing us broken stuff and we accept it.


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