FS22 Release !!! ? Kobelco SK-480 50t Excavator \ TerraFarm Ready // ?Farming Simulator 22 Mods


Hello Friends!!!!
Farming Simulator 22
New 50t Excavator 😉

Kobelco SK-480 model donated by @Johannes and @sams013 …

??‍♂️-DO NOT FORGET-?????

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Farming Simulator 22 Mods

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  1. FS Miner the Kobelco works great but theres 1 minor problem and its the lights on the cab when your incab view the light hits the window and it makes a blinding afect if you could adjust them that would be awesome.

  2. Another awesome mod only downside for me is out of all if your excavators on fs22 I can only use the volvo ec750 and the liebherr 926 with my joysticks as the rest of them for some reason do the wrong things with the correct stick input uch. Also I have to keep selling and buying the volvo as when I load a game the bucket function goes all odd and doesn't tip nor load as it should and turns itself inside out.

  3. Great mod again. Would be good if you do a guide sometime showing how to change control mapping. The Volvo EC730 is a great pattern but struggle with this one.

  4. Once again the master lays out yet another masterpiece…. magnificent machine…thank you for all you work on the mods. Another topic any work on a big Dozer…D11/ D10?…..Just wondering it would be super helpful on the Battlefield 4X map. I hope you can /or do make one because your mods are leaps and bounds above most other mods that are similar. Thanks, keep up the great work.

  5. Hey Fs Miner, ich liebe deine Videos und auch deine mods, habe auch schon einen gewaltigen Steinbruch im ls22.
    Aber kobelco ist ein 49t Bagger, keine 94

  6. What is the point of the Komatsu? You could move the stones with the excavator alone, I would understand if it crushed the stones, but not just moving them..
    I downloaded the last one you made, just because it was awesome ?

  7. fs miner another great job! I would like to know if there is a chance of the liebher 980 excavators and the doosan excavator to be updated to be compatible with the terrafarm script mod?


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