FS22 PS4 | Version is the problem!


Drop in the comments what version you have and if you pre-ordered but only on ps4



  1. I am from Oneonta Alabama in my PlayStation game on farm simulator 22 for PlayStation 4 is and I still have trouble it keeps going off because of the glitches I wish GIANTS software would fix that s***

  2. The issue i am having is when i go to save i have to cross my fingers … It will get a blue error screen.. It's actually making me not want to play the game any more…

  3. I’m from Missouri and I bought mine for the PlayStation off of their website from Walmart and I’m just playing on my farm and swapping between tractors and it kicks me out and crashes my game goes to a blue screen now it was doing that before when I went to the shop to buy something

  4. Trees glitching in my ps 4. They glitch into huge triangle like structures that are very, very annoying because idk how to get rid of them. Mine is PS4. Also some animal pens can't be place anywhere on certain maps.

  5. I'm on Xbox 1 and the only thing I've experienced is multiplayer crashing and not saving when on multiplayer. If I play just career mode with zero mods. It's fine. It's a little slow when I first load in. But after about 30 seconds it picks up pace and I'm able to farm. Just hope they fix soon as we have lost lots of work already. And I'm from Alberta Canada. Thanks for your input and the video.

  6. I am from Ireland just got the game and it keeps crashing I have done all you have done are you still having the same thing still going on …I can only paly one map for 15 min to maby two hr at the most

  7. I pre-ordered the game mabye like idk 10 or 12 days before it released and every time I buy something modded from the in game shop then try to buy a non modded thing it keeps crashing the game. How do you think I could fix that?

  8. I have version 1.05, I did preorder and I clean my PS4 regularly. I can play fs22 but whenever I try to save the game it crashes. If I try to switch between too many vehicles it crashes. I hate to say it’s the game but my PS4 works perfect with any other game, online or offline.

  9. Hey. Living in switzerland. I'm on 1.02 bluescreens every 30 minutes. and some friends i can't even Join without a bluescreens. Already reinstalled it twice. And yes enjoying it in the Moment ist very Hard to me

  10. Ps5 version is a shambles 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ seasons not working and loads of glitches with different machines its a joke

  11. I'm more than disappointed so far. It has to be said that I was only playing few hours since Wednesday Nov 23.
    So far I have come across following issues.
    1. Graphics literally crashing when on some fields doing seeding or plowing. It's looks like irregular flickering while vehicle is in certain field spot. Soon as outside of this spot graphics goes back to normal.
    2. Trailer loaded with about 20 pallets of seeds causing graphics frame rate going to some extremely low level. Basically screen looks like slow motion thing.
    3. Large Garage with workshop can only be placed in two predefined positions. Pressing R2 L2 makes building rotating full 90 degrees as oppose to other buildings were as long as R2 L2 pressed building rotates.
    3. Field textures. Once field cultivated and rolled, texture is almost identical to the one created by seeder. This makes almost impossible to see what parts were treated by roller and what areas were seeded..
    4. Gearbox. Joke.
    5. Logitech side panel. Only working in 50%. Some of the buttons are not longer used. Help window does not indicate that panel is connected. Using whole kit makes things even worse.
    I'm playing on PS4 pro. I'm currently away from home so I can't say what version I have. Either way I'm disappointed. Bought game on disc rather than digital from playstation store. If things remain unchanged in next six months I will let the bloody thing go.


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