Farming Simulator 22 Tutorial | Sugarcane


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  1. I'm with the others on this. I use the towed harvester with two trailers hooked on behind it (and a tractor with serious grunt and speed), when the trailers are full I just drive the whole train to where I'm tipping the sugarcane. Turning around is problematic so I do 3/4 circles at the end of each row and harvest around the edges until there's room at each end to do a half loop. I use hired workers for the harvesting because I can't drive in a straight line then I turn it manually, now that we have gps I'm looking forward to not needing a hired worker next time round. This is significantly cheaper than the big harvester, even if you include the cost of a new tractor, and I find it far easier than trying to drive next to the big harvester. Maybe if we had followme so I could make a hired worker drive beside the big harvester …..

  2. I used a tractor and sugarcane harvester combo, but I connected a dolly to the back of a harvester and then a dolly to the trailer. It works pretty well but it's just a long combination so you'll need a big field or enough space to turn around because you can't reverse with that setup at all. You can also hook a trailer to the red sugarcane harvester but it has to be a small one or the pipe will get in the way and it won't connect or turn correctly.

  3. I appreciate your videos being short and concise and straight to the point. All other tutorial videos on Farming simulator 22 are too long and I don’t have that kind of patience!


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