Farming Simulator 22 How To Use Money Generators FS22 PS5 Easy Guide


Farming Simulator 22 Money Generator’s is here fast easy guide to how to make Money on your fs22 farm on all platforms for farming simulator 22. These fs22 money generator’s are ESSENTIAL for your farm available on ps4,ps5,xbox and pc.
lots more farming simulator guides to come thanks for watching.



  1. My generators are not paying out what they say they should in the menu. I purchased the 350.00 per hour ones ( 375K purchase price) and am not getting what's advertised for income. Fuzzy math by Giants? 350×24=8,400 per day. I'm only getting about 4K to 5K per day for THREE generators, and it varies wildly. at best at 6000.00 / 24=250 per day for three 250/3=83.3 per hour per generator. Is it me or is Giants' math FUBAR? So a follow up would be nice on actually using them over time and doing the math. The way I see it is, I'm getting ripped off by the generators, or am I missing something? Any replies by experienced generator farmers appreciated.

  2. Where does the money go in the menu? We have 1 small wind turbine which should generate ~2000 per day but I cannot find where the money comes in?? Also is wind steady or does it vary and how can i estimate monthly income from it?

  3. The best one is the windturbine for 187,500 … it only takes 7,6 years to get your money back. (if you have full wind all the time… so you can calulate 10-14 Years until you make profit) the other ones take longer.


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