Farming Simulator 22 | First Impressions after Early Access | Is it Worth it?


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Farming Simulator 22 | First Impressions after Early Access | Is it Worth it?

So after spending 20+ hours playing with the new version of the game I am ready to share with you how I feel about Giants new product.

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  1. For cut sugar beats, you need a fliegel bucket. The bucket is small, so my suggestion is to dump beats on the ground. Setup a conveyor belt. to feed the beats up to your front loader implement, then have the tipper under the fronloader bucket. I suppose you could just setup the conveyor belt infront of the sugar mill then as the beats screed they just go into the sell point. Keep in mind you must keep the tractor on and the belts.

    Thats what seems to work for me. I did mine in a field as I had a tree in the way at the factory. My FS19 tree curse has followed me to FS22 lol.That tree will die lol

  2. It is my first Farm Simulator, i was also disapointed that buildings wer useless. How is the past experience with this company, do they patch in cool stuff like that? Also some of my tomatos lunched me into the air now those 2 tomato pallets are stuck in the ground and i cant pick them up anymore, anyone knows a fix? They are just blocking my road.

  3. The thing I don't understand is on ps3 you can't play multiplayer but on the mobile version you can ps3 should have more memory than mobile version I use a modded version of each farm sim mobile game that gives me enough money to buy every vehicle and tool

  4. Heads Up, You CAN sell the buildings on the farms you buy and the base farm. Some buildings are worth $0, others have some actual value.
    Edit: I usually play w/Xbox Controller and I believe it was either R3/L3 while in the construction menu pops up the dialogue box with option to sell the building. When hovering courser over the building, building will highlight blue while in the construction build menu.

  5. Hello Arthur, i like the game and already got it, but to be fair, it is not that great, given it was 3 years in the making… Graphics (who cares, but…) is the same, physics, which is very unrealistic is the same, game mechanics is the same, many annoying things like the landscape manipulation and inability to undo/redo are still there…What have they added….seasons, new cultures, production chains… Well all that was already available through mods. And i agree with you, now we have it in game and it is different, it is better fitting and so on…but it looks like they have spent 3 years to change menu layouts and make pebble 3D… and…sounds…which still sound not very natural… I don’t know….it looks to me as they should have released it as 19 deluxe or something. It is definitely not a next-generation-game… In three years time people are making standalone great games having very small teams and this is just milking the same cow. I was milked this time as well, but if FS24/25 gonna be the same, i might probably turn away from Giants.
    (No critics towards you, thanks for all the efforts to bring early content out and am enjoying now your lets play series)

  6. Once again the AI is going to give me violent tendencies. A new game with bugs? Naaa really? I'm shocked. It's a FS19 update! Let's just stop with the BS! After play this game for 13 years,….. it's an update, 3 year long update. Giants is constantly trying to catch up to the modding community, but always years behind implementing the features.

  7. I’m so happy to see you excited for FS again. You could tell the last few months of 19 all the FarmTubers were starting to burn out and all the new mods were basically pointless with FS22 over the horizon. It’s amazing the way the community is embracing this great sequel

  8. I’m really impressed with this game. On Xbox Series X it runs so oh so buttery smooth. Like absolutely stunningly smooth. And while graphics haven’t become photorealistic it’s still an improvement and i would be okay with no graphical improvement because they clearly took so much time and care into upgrading the gameplay. GIANTS really did an amazing job with this game

  9. Annoyed with how long it takes to grow things, 4-5 days for crops? Even on 120x and seasons off. Am I missing something? Is it my seeder? Or what? Annoyed that I play for 10 minutes and wait an hour for it to grow…

  10. The production chain is NOTHING new. Its been modded in the game for YEARS. The devs just add stuff on how ppl play the game and they know that their shitty game has many players using mass production chains with mods from years ago. I was using production chains in fs17 but stopped playing as this game is just the same crap every release. Stop kissing the game or devs asses. Im guessing they gave you a press copy because all Im hearing is a very biased view and opinion.

  11. Those unusable farms is the one big thing that has upset me so far. I'd swear the first thing I heard about FS22 was that they weren't going to do that to us this time. It's a multiplayer game. Why are the additional farms on the map unusable?

  12. Hey Arthur! There are definitely some cool new features in FS 22! Do you know if you place a building if you have to make sure it's level first or can you just place them? It would be awesome if we didn't have to worry about leveling so much. Also, here is my explanation on the money cheat I was talking about. The money cheat I am talking about goes like this. I go into multiplayer, create a game, select one of the next options (they are locations I think but it doesn't matter which one). Then I wait for the game to load. Then I go into the farm manager which I believe is the house looking symbol on the top. I save the game. Then I join my own farm and then I create seven others which give me $100,000 each. Save the game again. Then I go out of multiplayer and back into Career. Select the game I want, then save it and I've got the extra money ($700,000)and I can do that as often as needed. I don't have the game in front of me right now so I might be missing a step or two but that's the general idea.

  13. That just blows me a way that they didn’t make the other farmlands deleteable and customizable. That is very disappointing. I can’t believe no one at giants didn’t know any better. Also why are they removing equipment from the game? That makes no sense to me either.

  14. Gotta say it looks A LOT better in the autumn/winter, compared to the first look videos I've seen that have been in the summer 🙂 Guessing a big part of it is the lighting, just like in 19, where there modded maps that had changed the default ligthing often looked a lot better.

  15. Is it just me or do the crops take a crazy long time to mature? Had my game time speed set to max and after about an hour real time I still couldn't harvest…am I missing something in the settings?…Thanks…

  16. You can say whatever you want it's true it's a different concept of game regarding seasons and planning and building etc etc big YES but it was the community who created seasons and global company

    I already played that concept of game back in fs17 which yes it blew my mind but it wasn't Giants it was the modders

  17. Do you have an idea when you’ll start a Lets Play for this map? Really looking forward to it ✌️ I’ve been a big fan of your content since I learned to play this franchise through your videos in FS17, so thanks for what you do.


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