Universal Autoload TUTORIAL | Farming Simulator 22


This Universal Autoload Tutorial will show you how to customize your mod of choice to work with Universal Autoload to be used in Farming Simulator 22.

Universal Autoload Mod Link:


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  1. Great tutorial, but I have an issue. I used a long mod trailer (Rolland RP LCH), and then I used GE to create a mod from the Game's DPW-1800 trailer. My goal was to be able to load 3-tiers of 8 bales (24). The problem is, both UAL's I added only load the 1st tier, and then they are full, and you get the game warning No more Room. My cube in GE is tall enough for about 3.5 bales, Roland (height="5.036"), and DPW (height="5.729"). You can see both cubes are way taller than just single bale height. I'm perplexed ! (FS vs 1.6) Yet if I use the the games stock DPW-1800, it will load (21) bales. It seems no matter if its pallets or bales, UAL never makes use of the last tension belt at the rear.

  2. Hi, nice video! But you do need to set and fix the 0.5 translation as described in the readme file. Then you can get the Y offset exactly right for the zone to be just not touching the surface of the trailer bed.

  3. yes mr. mike, perfect video for the community. thanks for that. I was fighting with the numbers and YES weight is something to think about it i was wondering if is a way to take a away (updateMass="false") don't work for my. But anyways thank you again for the tutorial, keep it up.

  4. Nice video and a good explanation. ?

    You didn't mention the fact that you can now, with the latest version of UAL, have separate heights for bales as opposed to pallets/bags on any trailer. I now always stack my bales considerably higher than pallets!

  5. Well this is not working correctly for me. I have doubled checked and redid the steps three times. I have a 30 ft trailer. It will auto load, but it will only load like 4 items on the very front. Then with something’s, I press shift R, it will out the item on the ground on the opposite side. Not sure why.


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