This Hesston Baler Is Outstanding! | 4D Modding Showcase | Farming Simulator 22


In this video, I’m showcasing The brilliant Hesston 4900 baler by @4D Modding for Farming Simulator 22. I also show some other excellent mods created by @4D Modding
The mods created by @4D Modding are some of the best around and it’s only right to showcase these and where to find them.

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Farming Simulator 22 on the PC, with several mods & in 4K

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  1. So I keep hearing people raving on about how great the Hesston balers are, I think Daggerwin mention the Hesston baler about twice per video, but I haven't really gotten why they are so great compared to others, what's so special about them?

  2. Looks like some well made mods there, especially the big heston baler. The fix for bales appearing in the shop is an easy fix. Go to the saved game folder of the game that you see the bales in, open up the items.xml file and look at the list of bales you have and their position. The ones that appear in the shop are the ones that have a real strange position compared to the rest, there should be the same amount as bales with strange positions as you see in the shop, delete the complete line of these bales, save and restart.

  3. These are amazing looking mods, I will be downloading ready for Calmsden, the slicing sound is the bale twine getting knotted when the bale is complete I think, cheers Scrofty, take care matey and thanks for the cracking mod review, you should do more of them!

  4. The sounds are really spot on. We had a smaller version of one of these, New Idea 7233, and the "slice" sound is actually the sound of the knotter tying the knots to make a new bale. I even heard the "beep" sound the monitor would make when it does this. Those samll things are just fantastic.

  5. That place you don't have a clue where it is, that is Friendly Manitoba, her in Canada, that is really cool to see actually. (That's where i am from/live if that wasn't obvious) Good stuff!

  6. These look like great balers, but they add a whole lot of new bales sizes with non-round numbers. I do a lot of mixing of TMR, so I keep a spread sheet of bale sizes and volumes so I can easily calculate how much of each bale is needed, sometimes it works out to half a bale. These mods add even more sizes and volumes I would have to keep track of, and the math gets more complex with the random bale capacities. I am not sure if they are based on real life capacities or what, but it's has kept me from downloading these.

    Though, I have been thinking of going with more sheep in my next run, and not having any cows, and if I do that, I would totally get these for my hay, since volumes won't matter so much then.

  7. Great balers. But for autoloader work with its bales you must change width to 1.2 and height to 0.9 in bales and machines xml. I change only d800 and d1000, Hesston 4900 looks cool huge, so i left it as it is 8)

  8. The Hesston baler and Broughton trailers were used on every save I had on FS19. 4D Modding's mods are so good that I will use them even if I dont need them for my particular farm setup.


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