The Cheapest Way To Operate Heavy Equipment | Farming Simulator 22


Farming Simulator 22 is out now for PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation4, Xbox One, and Stadia.
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This video was made in collaboration with Farming Simulator 22, “The Squad” and “Spencer TV” on YouTube. Be sure to check subscribe to their channels!
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  1. me who has being playing games since i was 7(iam 27) and playing farming simulator since 15. and the most i know about real farming is from some of my friends i had 2 or 3 friends than have farms but one was just wheat the other was more trees like fruits and olives(yes olives are fruits) and cork. and the other one was more cattle than not. iam from beja, portugal and we do mostly rice, barley, corn and wheat the other cereals are less than corn so. but cattle we have alot.
    i dont think she is a bad driver is just harder to move from real drive to simulated driven and with a mouse and keyboard, but going from simulated drive to real drive is so much easier. one more thing if you have to play on pc and you think is worth the money you can cheeck steering wheel with a gearbox and pedals. but the game does not recognise all of the brands so research first dont go buy it on a whim.

  2. Laura, You should try to become a John Deere equipment test farm. I watched a video about John Deere tractor factory. The lady said they have test farmers. They may add you if you contact them given the fact you have 226k subscribers. Just a thought Darrel

  3. Laura I really enjoy watching you and Grant (your husband) doing what y'all do. I have to say this: I'm glad that you took out the song that was playing at the end of this video.
    You and Grant are setting a beautiful example for future farmers. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  4. idk why i'm watching farming vids now but i like it somehow… yeah girl is cute but that's not all it kinda feels relatable idk maybe i was a farmer in my former life who knows 🙂


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