The Best Top 10 Harvesters Mods for Farming Simulator 22


If you want to feel like a real farmer in the game, the John Deere 7000 is a must. Indeed, it is a real symbol of agriculture and an amazing machine. It’s very powerful, efficient, easy to navigate and will help you achieve all your goals.

What Equipments we can assume on Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22 Harvester Mods Top 10 FS22 is waiting for you.

Harvester fans of Farming Simulator 22 already know that the latest version is coming soon. This is very exciting. But what’s very exciting for gamers is that new mod releases come with the latest version of the game. This is why I want to talk about a specific fashion class, Harvester Mode. Here are the best resources for Farming Simulator 22 Best Harvesters. If you’ve never played these mods before, you’ve probably heard of how mods, especially core mods like the FS22 Harvester, can improve your overall gameplay strategy.

If you want to be the best player in the game, you have to take advantage of every opportunity available. Mods are one of the best ways to improve the game and have been tested in practice. Here are 10 of the best Harvester FS22 mods that will take your game to the next level. It’s an opportunity to be the best and shouldn’t be missed. To truly believe that this feature and its power are there, you must try the best FS22 harvester mod for yourself. Harvest mode is essential to get the most out of your farm.

The possibilities are endless and will surely surprise you! Combining different mods gives you more control over the game and solves future problems very quickly. The best combination of the FS22 in the game is very exciting because there are many different machines available in the game. Choose the mod you want to use and start downloading right away. very effective

John Deere X9 2020 US Version

If you are looking for a high-performance grain collector, the John Deere X9 American Edition SiamoD Modding 2020 is for you. If you work in a very large area and plan to grow wheat, corn or sunflowers, there is nothing better than the combination of the John Deere X9 FS 22 US Edition 2020 x9 1000: 14800 l and x9 1100: 16200 l. Try it!

Claas Jaguar 900 Type 496

Are you preparing your business for food season? Then try the Jaguar 900 Class Type 496. This is an excellent home lawn mower designed for power. This unit is also one of the most powerful machines for this purpose, so you won’t regret trying MB3D modeling, STV Modding’s FS22-class Jaguar 900 Type 496.

  • Price: 235000 $
  • Power: 585 – 884 HP

Rostselmash Niva Pack


The Rostselmash Niva Reaper is the perfect machine for your farm, give it a try. With a new GPD system and a new tablet repository, it’s a very useful tool for daily planning. Download FS22 Rostselmash Niva now and see what you can do for yourself. Output: 155 HP Price: 75,000 euros Capacity: 3,000L

Hardstream: max. Working speed: 10 km/h, working width: 4 m, price: 12.000 €


Bizon Z058 NH


Have you heard the name of the Bison Z058NH? This is one of New Holland’s great modernized cars. With this combination, you can turn the beat on and off right away. Very useful. Yes? Take a look at the Bison Z058 NH harvester. Working in a sugar beet factory won’t be disappoint you.

  • Engine power: 120 HP
  • Capacity: 3500 l
  • Fuel tank: 350 l
  • Road speed: 25 mph
  • Work speed: 8 mph
  • Price: 108000 €



Do you want to try Russian equipment in the game? So check out NIVASK-5. It can travel up to 22 km/h and 9 km/h and has a capacity of 6000 liters. This is a great tool for agriculture. The FS22 NIVA SK-5 is very popular with gamers as it is soundproofed and can be used in a variety of scenarios.

  • Max. power: 120 hp
  • Max. speed: 25 kph
  • Capacity: 3000l
  • Max. working speed: 10 kph
  • Working width: 4m, 5m, 4.2m, 3m

John Deere 7000 Series


If you want to feel like a real farmer in the game, the John Deere 7000 is a must. Indeed, it is a real symbol of agriculture and an amazing machine. It’s very powerful, efficient, easy to navigate and will help you achieve all your goals.

  • Price: 55000 €
  • Capacity: 4800L



Are you looking for a very nice and reliable car for your everyday life? No more searching for KUHN SPV CONFORT 12 Nikopex. This combine has an extended loading capacity and is designed for mixed feed mixers. With the FS22 Kuhn SPV COMFORT 12, we are confident that you will get the job done faster and become a better farmer.

  • Capacity: 12000l
  • Price: 112000€

New Holland TC5.90


If you’re looking for the ultimate harvest guide, try the New Holland TC5.90. It’s the best it can do and the main reason is probably the optional wheels it has. The New Holland TC5.90 is undoubtedly a farmer’s favorite thanks to its powerful engine and large internal tank. Overall, if you need efficient and easy crops, you will have a lot of fun with this machine.

  • Power: 258HP
  • Capacity: 6400l
  • Price: 150.000€

CaseIH 1660


If you are looking for a high-quality, easy-to-use, efficient and durable product, try the Case I H1660. This machine has everything to simplify all your general farming tasks and save you more money if you need it. It may be a little pricey, but trust us when we say the KSIH 1660 is worth it!

  • Capacity: 6340l
  • Price: 145.000€

Fendt 6275L


If you are looking for a high-quality machine, this is another option. Second, the ETA La Marchoise Fendt 6275L is definitely a game to try and comes with the Fendt FreeFlow Cutter. Capacity 8600 liters, speed 32 km/h, working speed up to 12 km/h. It is also a soundproofing machine, so it can be used for multiple purposes. Make sure your farm is using the Fendt 6275L.

  • Capacity: 8600L
  • Price: 220 000 €

Fendt FreeFlow Cutter

  • Work width: 7.6m
  • Price: 49 500 €

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