Starting A Vineyard From Scratch | The Old Stream Farm | Farming Simulator 22


We’re starting from scratch on The Old Stream Farm and we’re aiming to make it a vineyard! On our first day we need to buy the farm and start preparing our fields for the vines. Thankfully there’s the prefect tractor available to get us started…

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Thanks to Black Sheep Modding for the creation of the excellent Old Stream Farm map, available now via the in-game modhub for PC/Mac, Xbox and PlayStation.

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  1. I had similar issues with that first field. I had to keep going over bits the plough had missed. I turned on "Allow Create Fields" when I did so in case it was an issue with the underlying field definition, but rest assured it's not just you and that tractor/plough combo.

  2. This is a great map. Love playing it. Just remember alot of the fields have little squares (as you could see in field 5 you had 2 squares) you have to buy separate. Usually they contain a windmill or power line. Sometimes they are just blank areas.

  3. It does look like it's buggy with not plowing the fields properly.. But! Just for giggles…. Try plowing without the front weight on to see if there's a difference.
    Perhaps the weight over bumps causes a slight nose-dive, which lifts the plow a little too high?
    Doesn't explain all of it by any means, but maybe that's a part of it? 🤷‍♂

    Great video as usual!

  4. Very interesting to see your experience with the FiatAgri. I thought it was just me. I have been using this tractor as a second on Ehrlengrat for a few days Bought it second hand and assumed its quirks were a combination of my lack of skill / experience and some clever realism as it deteriorates. I have found it very unreliable with any piece of equipment that is largely supported by the rear 3link, particularly plows and small seeders/planters. It just plain misses bits. Gets much worse if the land is uneven. Found myself wanting to lower the rear linkage of what is presumably standard for all tractors. This means minor changes in angle of the tractor or its softish suspension shift the equipment just out of its operating range. At least as a human player you can correct. Using a worker is a complete waste of time.

  5. If you have 6 months here’s an idea. Plant some grass and get hay or grass. Planting a vineyard in a bare field would look weird so possibly a win-win. Loving the new series, I started with a fiat also🤠 Cheers

  6. Hey VF, nice to see you doing this map. Grapes might be nice to try and build up to a profitable farm, but you may need the production facility for that as well.
    And. to be honest, it looks like a glitch or bug in the map. Other comments are also saying such thing. for me a reason to wait for an update.
    An idea is to get one, maybe two fields to do barley or sorghem to feed the chickens. The grapes do not require much work. Or set up some decent forestry behind the second field and work towards carpeting and making furniture? Slow, but good money in there too.

  7. There is a 1,0,0,1 update coming, changelog on Black Sheeps website. I have read something in the Giants forum about trouble with plowing, might be worth to wait for the patch?

  8. A vineyard is really not worth it. It takes somewhere around 5 harvests (I think) for grapes to payoff only just the vines themselves. If you also add the price of the equipment they are pretty much the worst crop, same with the olives


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