Start From Scratch has gotten harder in Farming Simulator 22 so let’s take a look at a strategy to get your farm set up for success!

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  1. So, you spent 15ish grand renting the combine setup, and pulled 4500 worth of oats off that field. Is that wheat field gonna be enough to pay for the combine?

  2. I found that it is the most useful to borrow the money and buy the cheapest equipment you will need.. Leasing will only waste all the money, and you won't gain enough to have any positive income, atleast it will take you a long long time to get anywhere doing leases…
    When you borrow you can pay back when you can, but pay a fee every month.. But you still have all the equipment on hand, and that you can sell as needed when you need bigger equipment later…

  3. it really is hard it turns the game into loan survival simulator trying to pay back the bank all the while trying to expand to return the money faster so starting to profit is possible awesome challenge and brutally realistic

  4. I'm new to this series and game so I bought the cheapest herbicide sprayer thing I filled it up with herbicide order the pallet filled it up everything drove to lot 65 and I cannot get a spray option like I did with the fertilizer the pellets I'm very confused because obviously the herbicide went into the sprayer it's hooked onto a tractor but it's not Sprint I also had to sell my other ride tracker cuz I had no money maybe I should restart this game now that I know a little bit more about it but it's very difficult

  5. In FS 19 I could sell round silage bales for $1200 each and there is (or was) a wrapping round bailer available in vanilla. A Trailer load was like $25,000 – 30,000 (probably a bigger trailer). I could make them with grass which doesn't require anything except waiting. You get a mower / wind-rower arrangement that could fit on front/back of a single tractor. You cut and row in one pass. Then you run the bailer then an auto pickup trailer. Then profit. No combine. No tipper. No parade of soil equipment. No seed. No fertilizer. …and you can harvest all the grassy spots outside your fields too. With 3 tractors in multiplayer or with the "follow me" mod, it could be a single pass convoy from cutting to gathering. I don't know why… but I have never seen it recommended by YouTubers as a good way to earn money. It is what I always end up doing… considering the biogas plant is kind of a later game thing…and a field of corn or wheat and straw gives about 1/3 the money for 3 times the field work and equipment.

  6. Sorry to ask but if your starting from scratch, only have so much cash, why after harvesting did you rent a bailer to make bales only to sell them, why not rent a forage wagon and collect the straw and sell it, that saves money renting a trailer, bailer and front loader?

  7. I would say that it's actually cheaper to get the little Massey bailer, because it's cheaper of the bat and the bales are light enough to be lifted by hand, so you can lease a truck and just drop the bales in yourself saving the lease/purchase of a frontloader. Also faster, as the square baler just cruises along fast as you please and poops out the bails automatically, instead of having to faff about with stopping at 100% and waiting for the bailer to yeet the bail out. I hate round bales for that reason and that reason alone. And the squares you don't have to worry as much skooting along merrily on their way to who knows where.

  8. I love your constant enthusiasm. One question though, I’d love to do everything properly like loading bales etc but always choose the bale stacker and go for the biggest seeder or harvester. Can’t get my head round enjoying the process rather than speeding to the next task. How do you deal with it?? Thanks, love your videos and I’ve learned so much from all your vids. Love the attingham series, I so hope that comes to fs22.


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