Plowing Snow in Farming Simulator 22!


Winter is here! Join us as we plow the roads around my farm. Starring @TheFormalPickle and @KingMay

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Southern Trucker Gaming Shifter –
Thrustmaster T-LCM Pedals –
A.S.P. Heavy Hauler –
Next Level Racing GTtrack –
Motion Platform V3 –

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  1. Thank you Jeff for all your videos especially Farm simulator, play it myself on PS4. Truck Simulator videos are amazing and so relate as a former Swift driver for 9 1/2 years. And the flying videos I relate to also although I was just a private pilot(soloed in an old cloth covered tail dragger). Only flying I do now is in GTA 5. Once again Thank you Jeff.

  2. That is very realistic plowing a gravel lane and having some gravel come up with the snow. That's definitely an issue. Some yrs have to have a guy brush the gravel out of the grass back onto the driveway. 👍Love yer vids!


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