One Of The Best Mods Is Back….AutoDrive! | Farming Simulator 22


Farming Simulator 22, How to Video on AutoDrive, and tutorial video. One of the best Mods from FS19 makes a comeback to FS22, and now it’s even better!

In this video, I show how to get set up and all the basics of how to use AutoDrive

AutoDrive link –

Farming Simulator 22 on the PC, with several mods & in 4K

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  1. Fantastic mate thanks, I have some experience with course play going back to fs17 but this is a game changer, I think I should concentrate my time on auto drive for the time being as I think it's more immersive but far more time intensive to set up, is it processor heavy because of the added code? Fantastic explanation and demonstration thanks, now for the rest of your playlist!

  2. great video, really helpful. Unfortunately you cant seem to manually add points with left ctrl and clicking anymore. All you get is a big triangle shape made of different coloured dots, no idea what for, but it jams the game lol.

  3. i Keep having problems with not being "able to reach" targets. I
    trouble shoot to find the problem area…delete all waypoints in the
    area and rebuild and can make it work. But then it will stop at a
    different location. Everything looks correct (direction etc.) It
    keeps happening…often in straight paths. Very bizarre? I do not
    see any trouble shooting videos? Suggestions?

  4. lost on where to find the mod folder. looked everywhere for it in my fs2022 from C drive but cant find one. maybe im just blind. any advise for a blind old man out there?

  5. I have enjoyed this series I'll put my findings with autodrive here. So in setting up your routes, you'll probably want to join to the road network. That will have been generated by autodrive when you first played with the mod. First of all. Whenever you add small routes on, remember to open edit and save your routes when you make it. on a couple of occasions I've had the mod crash and delete my network. On the second and third time I was able to load from the save. Second thing, every junction on the auto generated routes I've found needs a small edit in each direction. Say you have a T junction with each direction on the straight, then the two turns off on a right turn. Check the nodes where the routes join by right clicking and moving them slightly. On the side where there is a straight on, check that same nexus of nodes on the opposite side of the road, even if you think it looks straight. It doesn't always join those. You'll find that the auto generate doesn't connect nodes where the routes come together and you probably have to manually do it. The other way you can test this is a mysterious "driver can't navigate to waypoint" error. On those probably 3 nodes that all get placed over one another, make sure you dont have the middle one go backward against the direction of route either, that can mess it up. edit: Oh yeah Bridges can be the bane of your life when trying to move a node to alter the apex of the line of a turn or check the connections. Its often easier to delete altogether if you have a route going over a bridge. I think the mod trying to work out what was the road surface on a bridge as I moved a node slightly was the cause of a crash that caused the instability and the deletion of the network. Just drive past each node and delete, then rerecord going over the bridge.

  6. Hi Scroft. Thanks for a great video a first-class job. Can I just ask if you if press NO at the start of auto-drive network generation is there a way to go back and put it on i can,t find a way to do it Thanks

  7. Thank you so much for this. I'm new to FS and just discovered AD. I appreciate your click-by-click instructions and simple way of explaining things. Because of that I subscribed. I'm hoping you'll also do a tutorial on Course Play once that's farther along.

  8. The flaw of AutoDrive is that it breaks a core game mechanic when it is using it's paths. If you try to create a mowing path, for example… the tractor mower will run, but not harvest the grass. You can mow while making a path… and then you can send a tedder and a windrower and a bailer down that path and they will all work… but it will never mow again. I reported it to the author. In a nutshell, he said "AD is for driving, not for field work". I said something like: "but harvesting is a core game mechanic…why would you give yourself permission to break tractors for driving?. " After some back and forth he said: "I will not repeat myself, AD is not for field work. We have no plans to make it do field work. Wait for CoursePlay." Fair enough.. nice fellow. So I guess this game is now called "Driving Simulator" and modders are allowed to break the tractors as long as they drive really well at the time… and I am a pest if I think that core mechanics should work with a mod. The AI driving is also a core game mechanic now. Once CoursePlay is released, it will make AutoDrive even more obsolete than it became in FS19.ot for them to break

  9. Nice video. I have learned more watching this than any of the others, but there was one thing i noticed when recording you can left click and right click for 1 way and 2 way direction but i noticed that if you hold shift left and right click you get the same thing except the blocks are now like tan and dark brown, was wonder what the difference is between the 2 . Once again love the video cant wait to look forward to the second one.

  10. Very good tutorial, information wise. It helps me a lot to set work automaticly. It is not critics so much as more of a help to improve your video's even more. it is handy to set "chapters" in your video, like setting a route automaticly, then a chapter how to edit end so on and so on. In your description here on you tube, you can set a link to go to that section quick. It helps your viewer to go to that section wich they want to see again. Anyhow, good video! Thanks.

  11. Looking forward for Part 2 i partially figured out how unloading harvester work, but i guess i still missing something 😀 Good vids, u earned my sub

  12. cheers so much for yet another video im going to bookmark and come back to over and over until it all gets cemented in my absurd, adhd riddled baby brain! honestly these are hands down the most complete, thorough and perfectly efficiently presented and executed FS22 how to/info type vids on youtube, in my opinion, by far.

  13. As far as usability (especially on ded servers) this mod is as useless as tits on a boar. Forget trying to setup a network on multiplayer, or having it drive around obstacles like it used to. What limited parlor tricks this guy just pulled off on this video, is the full extent of how well this works. 22 is a bad year for farming simulator all around, especially for modders.

  14. Good job. I was wondering if this mod was any good. I heard people talking about it being out but I didn’t see anything else until your video. I was wondering why. Looks like it’s pretty fantastic. Does it have the unload harvester function or am I mixing it up with course play?


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