North American Improvements in Farming Simulator 22


Farming Simulator 22 promises to be an exciting new entry in the series – but has it done enough to enhance the North American side of the game?

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  1. Most tractors are Euro style setup, fronts and backs, 2 usa style planters, 0 usa style culti, o chisle plows, o usa style drills, o gravity wagons, the list goes on. 3 year long FS19 update, nothing more! Stuff that should have been in the game years ago. 13 years of playing this game and i couldn't be more disappointed.

  2. While I do agree with everything you've mentioned, I think Giants has actually regressed quite a bit for the North American side of things and in general. It's great that we FINALLY get the option to remove the Euro signs and get NA spec equipment but frankly that should have been done years ago, so I'm more inclined to say "It's about time" rather than be genuinely excited about it. I'm quite annoyed at the lack of different types of NA equipment though; we gained some speed disks, multiple planters, and more combines, but we've lost any NA cultivator, seed drill/air seeder, grass mowers and while it was Euro spec in 19 we now don't have any lowboy trailers. The step decks are nice but you wouldn't be moving combines or large tractors on there; we're effectively without any type of trailer to move the very large equipment which is most important for machinery like the cotton pickers, sugar cane harvester, potato harvester, sugar beet harvesters, and the new grape and olive harvesters. It's honestly a baffling move on Giants part to cut those types of machinery out of the game. I will personally be missing the Bourgault and Seed Hawk air seeders the most; there's effectively no seeder to use on an NA farm if you want to plant anything that isn't cotton, sugar beets, corn, sunflowers, or soybeans (Side note-the Bourgault DLC is the first DLC to not have any of it's equipment featured in a follow up game since I started playing in 2013; every time a new game came out there was always at least one piece of equipment from each previous games' DLC). While I am looking forward to the many improvements I can't help but be puzzled and annoyed by the loss of some very important pieces of equipment; it feels like they're starting to sacrifice parts of the core NA game to appease more niche markets. As much as I enjoy the options, I'd be happy to trade a couple of the planters and speed disks for even one of the air seeders. My only hope is that one of the DLC's they release will bring them back but that would be a mildly annoying move on Giants part as well; I only have hope as a few of the very vague teases of the upcoming DLC's when they were pushing the season pass mentioned new machinery and getting things done more effectively plus the expansion teases more vehicles as well (though that's par for the course for the expansions). While I'm still looking forward to 22 this will be the first game where I'll actually be sticking with the previous iteration as well since I started playing in 2013. I'm not happy about having to sacrifice the small grains aspect when that is important for a player like me who ALWAYS does small grain farming regardless of the other operations on the farm. I'm quite saddened by that loss, especially of a powerhouse like Bourgault.

  3. The map I played with most on FS19 was a modded map called New Woodshire. It gave a very strong New England vibe, and since I’m a New Englander, I was instantly drawn to that. Anyway, in my opinion, it definitely had more of an American feel than the Ravenport map. With all that being said, I think I’m really going to like the Elm Creek map.

  4. Elm Creek appears to be infinitely better than Ravenport. Ravenport looked like a quick throw-together map just for the sake of having an American map. The trash everywhere was terrible, and they couldn't even bother to put in powerlines. Many buildings were just slapped on the terrain without any consideration for the location of doors or windows, so a lot of times they were half buried in the ground. Other equipment/items were placed in obscure locations. The map generally destroyed any immersion of feeling like you were at that location and was just a constant reminder that you were playing a game on a poorly designed map. Elm Creek on the other hand looks fantastic, and seems that actual care was put into making it feel like a believable place!

  5. Very excited for the game. Put hundreds of hours into FS 19 and it seems every aspect looks to be improved. Be interesting to try the new US map. In the past have preferred the European based maps as I find the smaller field sizes keep variety to what you are doing as not a fan of spending hours on a single field. Also smaller fields seem to give a more progressive feel in terms of advancement rather than few lump sum payouts from bigger fields.

  6. Historically they did not employ the American feel of farming. Westbridge Hills (FS13 Platinum Edition) was the rule that was set and Goldcrest Valley was borderline tolerable. Ravenport was an embarrassment, and I personally moved off it as soon as the first American maps dropped. I was personally hoping for Western Star to join FS since their 49x is a vocational truck, but Mack will do until either a licensed PC 49x comes, or I find another truck. As far as equipment, CASE is lacking. I want my Quadtrac.

  7. For those of us on the east side of the pond, and expecially for Brits who are used to narrow roads and fenced/walled/hedgerowed fields, it'd be great to see youtubers present "how to farm American style" videos, so that we caqn make the most of the American/Canadian style maps.

  8. I’m looking forward to the Mack trucks, I also hope there is better character customization, and more overall equipment and stuff like placeables. Also are you going to do a livestream when FS 22 is released, or maybe a Q&A? 🙃


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