No Man's Land Farm Build – Part 1 – Farming Simulator 22 Timelapse – #FS22 for PS4


Welcome to our first build here on No Man’s Land in FS22! I love this map and am so excited to start working on a build series in Farming Simulator 22! The new build features allow us to create really realistic-looking homes and farms and that’s exactly the plan!

Sit back and enjoy as we begin construction on the farmhouse, workshop, and yard area of our farm build! In the next episode of the series, we will be working on the main farm area!

Leave your suggestions for what kind of farm you would like to see me build in the comments!

#FS22Timelapse #FS22FarmBuild #FS22

If you have any questions or suggestions for the next #FS22FarmBuild please let me know in the comments!

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This video was recorded, edited, and uploaded on the PlayStation 4 using SHAREfactory!




  1. Awesome build, i guess it would be nice to have a second part soon, try making a farm in wich production chains would be its main develop, so you can try that aspect of the game, just keep it simple and realistic, a small family farm, or if you like a big family contractors farm you choose, keep the great job, cuz your builds are awesome!!!

  2. I tried 5 times to do a normal Lets Play series on NML… No realism, just normal farming. My game just kept on crashing sometimes when I would be customizing something. I might try again soon…


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