MEGA Timber Long v1.0 FS22


MEGA Timber Long v1.0 FS22

MEGA Nysa Timber Long. MEGA offers two types of MEGA TIMBER LONG stanchion semi-trailers for the transport of timber and long timber – light and standard.

In the light version, an openwork floor has been used, where only aluminum covers are mounted over the pneumatic elements and sliding beams, the so-called “paws”. In both semi-trailers we install aluminum front walls, which have undergone tests for compliance with the requirements of the PN-EN-12642 standard and confirmed their resistance to load pressure with a value of 10 t.

Semi-trailers from the MEGA TIMBER group have proven themselves in difficult forest terrain for years, thanks to the durable construction of the frame and front wall.

Manufacturer: MEGA Nysa

Model: Timber Long

Category: Forestry

Price: 33,500 $

Mass: 5.8 t


– Fenders Configurations

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– Tire Configurations

– Rim Color Configurations


SiiD Modding, JHHG Modding



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