MEGA Light 3 60m3 semi-trailer v1.0 FS22


MEGA Light 3 60m3 semi-trailer v1.0 FS22

MEGA Light 3 60m3 semi-trailer. Aluminum tipper semi-trailers are utility vehicles intended mainly for the transport of agricultural products, cereals, fodder, small building materials, and aggregates, or sand. Thanks to the use of various types of closures at the rear of the vehicle, tipping semi-trailers belonging to the MEGA LIGHT group are also suitable for transporting pallets. The main recipient of this type of semi-trailers is the agricultural and transport industries.

The boxes of these semi-trailers are made of the best silicon-magnesium aluminum alloys on the market, while the frames are made of high-strength MC700 steel, which allows for

weight optimization and obtaining one of the lightest vehicles in its class.

Manufacturer: MEGA Nysa

Model: Light 3

Category: Semi-trailer

Capacity: 60 m3

Price: 49,200 $

Mass: 6.8 t


– Decals Configurations

– Color Configurations

– Rims Configurations

– Tire Configurations

– Rim Color Configurations

– Cover Configurations

– Cover Color Configurations

– Cover strips Color Configurations

– Extra wheels Configurations


– 1:1 real scale 3D model

– Visible Welds

– Anti-collision fillVolume with closed tarp cover

– Semi air hoses connections

– Liftable front axle

– Liftable rear flap

– 3 types of back door opening


SiiD Modding, JHHG Modding



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