Maypole Farm FS22 | Farming Simulator 22 Map Tour | Best Map Yet!!


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Maypole Farm FS22 by CavalierRoy | Farming Simulator 22 Map Tour | Best Map Yet!!

This map is a fiction Irish map that features many farms with mixture of animals. There are 128 fields varying in all shapes and sizes, plenty of grass and arable fields to keep you going. For those who love forestry you will find large forestry area’s around the map as well as smaller ones dotted about the place.

Every base game production is present on the map along with 7 farms and cuttable hedges, traffic and all sheds and barns ca be destroyed on each of the yards. Due to the amount of animal pens that are built into the map you will require the mod to increase the maximum animal allowed . Please keep in mind this map is work in progress and is in early testing phase with more things to be added in a later update.

7 Farms
128 fields
Cuttable hedges
Excessive forestry
All productions
Modular farms (pens are purchased separately to the farmyard)

Maypole Farms:

John Deere 6930:

King Mods:

Farming Simulator 22

Enjoy a huge variety of farming operations focusing on agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry. Operate real machines from John Deere, CLAAS, Case IH, DEUTZ-FAHR, New Holland, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra and many others in three diverse American and European environments. Now with the exciting addition of seasonal cycles and production chains!

New maps, crops, machines, brands and more
Over 400 authentic machines and tools
Over 100 real agricultural brands
Seasonal cycles & production chains
Multiplayer allows for cooperative farming
ModHub offers free community-created content

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  1. Hi Mr Farquar, thank you for doing a map tour and taking your time to take some of those back roads, easy to get lost so always nice to see those roads been used because its hard to see that all back roads will lead you back to the main road and aren't forced to take the longer route to get from one side of the map to the other. Oh talking about size, this is a standard size 2×2 map surprising how much you can get into the standard map size using every once of land for something other than decorations. Its funny that issue with the Chicken trigger because the map calls for the barns from the install location of FS22, so not sure what is going on with that trigger. As for trigger's yes that double gate at the sheep pen was accidental, but looks good extra security, see how clever the sheep are at figuring a way to walk out.

    On a more serious note that will be fixed in the next version, but as it stands the map has past all testing as is other than a couple of little things that doesn't effect gameplay such as the fence on the chicken pen at the south east farm needed a little adjustment and small none gameplay breaking things like that.

    This map was made right towards the end of FS17 for FS19, back then it was a 1×1 play area inside of a 2×2 standard map using the outer area as deco back then with much smaller tighter fields and back roads that lead to fields but never interlinked with one another. FS19 was when it got its expansion and using all of the map to its full effect, but without AI traffic back then (I'm one of those who ask is it worth it if its not needed, and with 90% of people turning traffic off, it was a no brainer to not included it. Now the traffic spline is needed so i added it for FS22). Again thank you and if you do start a series private or via stream/video i will be happy to hear any feedback you have and will keep an eye out for any content you release about this map. Have fun bud.

  2. I love this map. Im currently playing on it with my two boys. Removable Hedges and small tight lanes for smaller equipment. They are really enjoying it. We have installed – more trees – more productions and 64 animal husbandries mods which (so far) are all working flawlessly with the map. I agree that its the best map for 22 as yet. It certainly is far bigger than a standard map . edit – You seem to have your resolutions for uploading and playing set differently as your mouse cursor is no where near it should be on the playback.


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