Map Preview – Deer Creek by Central Ohio Modding – Farming Simulator 22


Join us in taking an early preview look at Deer Creek by Central Ohio Modding for Farming Simulator 22. Based on South Central Ohio, this is a small map with a big feel, large fields where big equipment is a must. This is also the first map to feature Corn Drying, along with Propane and Anhydrous Ammonia as custom fill types.

For more information on the map go check out Central Ohio Modding’s Facebook page to stay up to date on progress and release

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  1. This is a PC ONLY map, should have mentioned that earlier in the video – Central Ohio Modding have also adjusted the seasonal cycle growth and harvest stages since this video was edited, so keep an eye out for that in the final release. 👍

  2. Great map tour Argsy, looks like a great map. Central Ohio Modding have done an AWSOME job with this map, it is right up my ally (so to speak) as i love the big field sizes. I think this will be a VERY popular map

  3. very good job. its about time this game is almost non playable until we get good maps. know cares about some little mod from 19 converted. lets get these great new big maps rolling so we can get to farming! thanks again

  4. Central Ohio Modding- map looks awesome! Can you please update the USA flag diffuse? The flag looks better than the one Giants provides.. thank you 🇺🇸

  5. Looks like a great map, i wonder if the modders could integrate a feature where you have to set the price you sell corn / soybeans for at the start of the season, like you see farmers do in real life. Any fluctuations over or below that is tough luck…. would be a good realism feature. thanks for the tour Argsy


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