Make Your 1st Mod for Farming Simulator 22 – Walkthrough


modDesc from scratch
Making Icon image files
Using custom Brands
General tour of your Data folder
Using the categorizer.lua & ChangeModTitle.lua
Fixing the TransmissionLoop sound error when using Ingame sounds.
General walk thru on how to edit and Item in the game and create a mod out of it.

Download the Sample mod used in video

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**********Bomb Shell of my converted mods coming soon to FS22***********
For info and updates, come see us at our Patreon. Where we post updates and projects coming up.

*************Can I help you mod?
Yes, Post your question in the comments below. If simple, Ill post a solution.
If complicated, Please propose a video idea and other people can “like” it. Lots of likes, Ill do a video.

*************How to do decals?
I’ve made a video for FS17/19 outlining this process. Its not really changed at all in 4 years.

*************Will I make a mod for you?
No, I am drastically busy with life 🙁
But, Being a Patron allows you access to vote on other patrons ideas. Which in turn I most times love the idea and produce something the community requested.

****** Is it public?
All of our prior Mods are posted public on Patreon site, But in order to get textures for mods being built you need to join our patreon.
Special Permission From Giants Software to host our own textures/sounds and other user created media behind Patreons subscription program. This helps us make more content, just like any other creator.
After a period of time, they get finished up with feedback and then post to

***Can I use your mod in a video?
Please link Our Patreon Address above if you use mods I create, All I ask.
***Can I edit Your mods?
Like all things, just give credit where its due. If you publish it to a Site that Pays you money, your rude. The mods are proprietary property of Giants. However, user created Media such as Textures, sounds and some XML code we retain all rights to content. Comparable Legal punishment to Selling Ripped DVD’s



  1. Hi, and thanks for the guide. As I play the game with cloud gaming, I`m looking to create a mod that caps my framerate to 30. Do you think it`s possible to make something like that ?

  2. hey, so I got this weird idea in my head just today about making a self propelled rock picker that I could upload to the official FS22 modhub for PC, buuuuut, I have no 3D modelling skills (yes, I have genuinely attempted to make multiple 3D models over the last 3 years, all of which were complete disasters), and the only game I have ever made a mod for predates the xml file format by something like 3 years? so, while this video has helped me write the xml file, I have no idea how to go about making the actual product of which I have in my mind, and this self propelled rock picker is the only mod I ever plan to make for FS22, if possible, could I get pointed in the right direction for a farming simulator 22 modding discord server or a particular person on discord that I could go to for direct assistance, I want to do as much of the work on the mod as I can by myself, but making the model and the textures (and probably a few other parts of the process I have yet to come across), are beyond the upper limit of my knowledge and personal skills/abilities.

    please reply if you can offer some assistance on where or who I should go to to bring my concept to life, it would be MUCH appreciated

  3. Amazing video! I came into this with a little experience with re texturing source games and nothing else. You explained everything very well and providing the files in the video helped keep everything clean and easy to use. I subscribed, hope to see more like this!

  4. Would love to see a video on how to get your own vehicle in the game, i'm currently trying to get my very own first mod in game and it's a wheel loader (You can imagine i stuggle some haha). Very good and informative video, keep them coming!

  5. its great how much effort you put into your tutorials, thanks!

    I was wondering if you could make a tutorial on making a mod script hat changes something about an existing basegame vehicle without having to add a new one?

    like say i wanted to make a mod that allows an existing vehicle to carry different fruit or change values about them

  6. hey I'm having issues with this mod, everything is PERFECT, except the rims are outside of the tires in store and game. and then once trucks in game, when you drive around it's like the rims aren't rotating on an axis around the hub,,, there almost rotating on the outside axis of the tire, like they flip all the way around the tire on the outside and then go into the map, and then up into the truck ext. as the tires turn the rims spin around their perimeter. any suggestions

  7. Thanks for the tutorial, learnt a lot. Trying to make zetor paintable, added the configuration lines to an existing mod but no options showing in game, any ideas anyone? Also how do I find the material names on an existing mod?

  8. thanks for the video by the way, you're the first i come across since fs2013 who hasnt an incomplete video

    ok i used 7zip for the zipping, i have no idea how that program works, so the only thing i changed is the extension
    my problem after putting the zip in the mod folder, it doesnt show up in the ingame mod selection menu

    Error: Failed to open xml file 'C:/Users/<my name>/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2022/mods/YT_LAMBO_tutorial/modDesc.xml'.

    Edit: maybe important: my windows is on C: and my steam library on D: , dont have problems with other mods about this, which i turned all off before trying this.

    edit2: my first fault '-' character is not allowed in the zipped mod folder name, second fault, i had one folder too many in the zip.
    edit3: fixed above, still doesnt show up:
    edit4: i forgot a '/>'
    edit5: YES, it show up and it works, one thing i do not understand it this message right under the balance in the shop: "Missing 'function_tractor (this one is boosted)' in l10n_nl.xml – deleting my edit, fixes this i think (not tested), so my question is how do i add a string to this message

    im leaving this here as a help for others

  9. Hey i tried to convert the autoloader mod from fs19 to fs22 but failed again and again. A friend of mine has made good progress by converting it but he also failed. If you're willing to help we'd like to share our progress with you 🙂

  10. Hi Lambo, i have one question, changing the desc version on modDdesc file of a script mod from fs19 will work too? i mean, imagine that i want a script from fs 19 to use on fs22, only changing the desc version will work?

  11. excellent tutorial, im not even planning on making mods for fs but i still enjoyed watching this. i do make personal tweaks to vehicles to suit my gamestyle tho so i picked up some useful tips, thank you


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