Living the Tough Life of an American Farmer – Farming Simulator 22


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Welcome to Farming Simulator 22! Take on the role of a modern farmer! Agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry offer a huge variety of farming activities while you face the challenges of the four seasons, especially when winter sets in. Creatively build your own farm and extend your farming operations with production chains – forming an agricultural empire! Even run your farm together with friends and enjoy cross-platform multiplayer together.
In this episode of Farming Simulator 22, I build my first farm on Elm Creek and harvest my first set of crops. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Farming Simulator 22, thanks for watching and liking.

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  1. at first it's easy to think this is just a reskin of their older farming simulator, it certainly feels like it, and there's a LOT of simulators who love to do that, and they pay the price for it,
    HOWEVER, they added seasons which is something I took for granted in my older game Farming Simulator 17, but what I had was a MOD, this is vanilla, and built from the ground up, this is no understatement! This is kind of a big deal, and a big leap forward! They really improved the game, and to say that by itself is very refreshing! Finally a simulator maker that's not just recycling old content to scrape a few more cents, this game is the real deal, a new version certainly worth buying, and you bet I will!
    Let me make this clear, when I first started this video, in my mind I started to think "it'll probably takes years before good mods come out for it, if ever" but as far as I can tell, you don't need mods! This is amazing!

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  5. This seems intresting though i maybe get Farming Simulator 2025 when it's more evolved 🙂 Would be awesome to have some kind of real prices in stuff if possible and still FUN. Fun is the most important thing, but i hope it's not gonna be too easy xd

  6. My god… he’s doing it… he’s playing farming simulator again… YESSSSSSSSSSSS

    Edit: after watching I can definitely help you. After you Tedder grass, it instantly turns into hay. A cultivator is different from a plow although they sorta do the exact same thing. Cultivators are the blue plow-y thing you own which prepares fields for sowing/planting.

    The repair place next to the shop is also used to give back leased vehicles or selling vehicles, vehicles that are sold directly to the shop give more money then selling from the menu.

    When selling stuff, keep a look out on the market menu. Maybe the price for what you’re selling is really low compared to if you wait a week more which can result in some prices changing by thousands.

    Job equipment gets returned automatically when finished and isn’t required to bring them back.

    Hope this helps, anything else you need, just ask.


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