John Deere 6600 Sidehill v1.0 FS22


John Deere 6600 Sidehill v1.0 FS22
In 1975, John Deere introduced the sidehill system on their bestseller 6600 combine. Serving as a middle ground between grain loss on hills, and intense leveling up to 45 degrees from hillside systems, the sidehill was perfect for the farmer whose land had more elevation changes than most and wanted to increase yields by decreasing loss due to hills.
With leveling up to 18 percent, the self leveling system keep the entire threshing, cleaning and separating system completely level while the front wheels pivot on a bar system up and down to compensate for slope.
Here in Farming Simulator 22, the sidehill 6600 is ideal for sloped farming and preforms better than the rest.
Headers that are meant for the 6600 sidehill:
– 643 6 row corn head
– 215 grain head

Credits:Tired Iron Modding

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