How To Use CoursePlay – Introduction & The Basics | Farming Simulator 22


Farming Simulator 22, How to video on Courseplay. In this first Courseplay tutorial video, I go over all the basics on how to set up a course and explain the menus and HUD.

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Farming Simulator 22 on the PC, with several mods & in 4K

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  1. Heads up for people like me who are watching this and wondering where all our settings are: go to Global Settings (the 2 gears with CP next to it) and turn in expert mode!

  2. Hmmm i don’t have some of these options when using courseplay. I don’t have Header Direction, Header Overlap, Up/Down direction and angle, as well as a few other. Strange.

  3. whats the point of having Autodrive AND Courseplay?? I dont get it.. to be fair, I never used AD only CP and I consider my self an advanced user of CP, but in FS22 the whole CP setup is a lot different I find.. just installed FS22 and still figuring things out, but in the past, FS19 and older there was no need for having AD and CP installed.. both seems to do the same thing..

  4. Is there a way to choose where you begin in corseplay seems every time I try and use it, it always starts half way down the long edge of a field instead of at the beginning edge

  5. I set my wages to 0, and essentially rp that its my character doing the work. I love this because i let the computer do field work and such while i do other things irl. So progress is made, but its as if my character is doing the work.

  6. Explanation starts at 14:00 for those who want to know.
    6 minutes in and he's just going through the interface options when we don't even know what Courseplay is, what it does, or how it helps. Sadly this seems like the best of 5 videos I have seen so far which all start the same way. Why do tutorials have such difficulty explaining fundamentals before going into detail?
    Now I'm 12:00 minutes in and he telling how to use courseplay with another mod which I also don't know how to use. Why?

  7. curious, did the mini hud change since you released the video? my hud looks nothing like yours… or did i download the wrong version…? mine pops up a couple of options in a bar style hud.. that i can't move around the screen.

  8. Great work, thanks. As an old-school CP user I am really struggling getting used to the new menus and stuff. Currently I find the new CP NOT at all intuitive or self explanatory! This is very useful indeed. Much appreciated.

  9. Wow. What an in-depth tutorial! I know I'm about three months late to the party, but have there been any substantial changes to this since release? Thanks so much for taking the time to do this!

  10. I did as you said and installed CoursePlay into my mod folder but I don't know how to activate it? It does not appear in my mods screen. What am I doing wrong please?

  11. Hello, quick question how do you get your working width to show in metres and not feet , as the menu shows tools in metres and my cp is showing ft, only takes a few seconds to convert but will save time in the long run. Thanks

  12. I am stuck when setting the Target Position on the map. I click the edge of the map as you say, but when I click START JOB, i keep getting this "Target is not on a field" and I have yet to find a way to resolve this problem. Now that being said, I was trying to set up my harvester, not just a tractor pulling a trailer to perform a task.

  13. Used CP for both 17 and 19, but find it hard to figure out for 22, hopefully by the end of this I have a better understanding. Trying to create a course to mow a meadow (no field #). I used the mini-Hud to create an outline course, opt to save when turn record off, but I can't see that it saved a course anywhere, let alone have a chance to name it.
    BTW Scroft, what map are you on here?


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