How Profitable Are Beef Cows & Sheep?! | Farming Simulator 22


Farming Simulator 22, How to Video and tutorial video on Making money with Beef cows & Sheep. A full guide and detailed analysis

In this video, I show all the information about breeding cows for meat and sheep for wool and the production of clothes and fabric, and how much money you can make.

Farming Simulator 22 on the PC, with several mods & in 4K

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  1. I have dairy cows for obvious reasons, sheep for wool and chickens for eggs, I need what they produce more than to sell them so, I mixed 25% adults and 75% kids and the wool is lagging behind, a lot compaired to eggs/adult chicken……I’m getting 8 per adult chicken/month so, my hogs are just for manure/slurry and I got just kids

  2. So, how to go about it then, if you max out the sheep pen, then they can't breed can they? So maybe start with 30 lambs o similar and then sell as soon as a the oldest lambs reach 36 months, but I mean it will fill up pretty quick won't it ?

  3. Just a tought, but so if you would want to have the lambs keep getting bred, you would need to make 65*8 for the first five month, then buy another 8 barns after these are bred, and so on and so on, how the… Are you supposed to make this doable, if you would keep all of them for 36 months

  4. Can you fill the pen and still reproduce? I was under the impression that the total number of animals you could have was the number it says…so I guess my question is, if you fill the pen/barn when you first buy cattle or sheep will they still reproduce?

  5. Just as info you need more then 1 barn for sheep to get those numbers you actually need 8!! you would need 2 barns at 32 sheep and then move lambs over to new barn and keep reproducing. Month 1 would be 32 sheep.
    month 12 would be 64
    M17 =96 M22=128 M23=160 M27=192 M28=256 AND SO ON …. needless to say by month 36 you would have 448 sheep with just 1 purchase of 32 and by month 48 you would have 1216 soooo. a big headache to say the least. The easiest way I have found is multiply the amount of barns you want by 65 then divide that by the weeks you want to keep the sheep for. and thats your flat line number every month to keep you will sell the lambs to maintain that number and sell your old sheep. So for example i want to have 3 barns so 3*65=195. i want to sell the sheep at 36 weeks so 195/36=5.41. So month's 1-11 i will buy 5 Lambs every day. On month 12 they start reproducing at 5 a time. At month 17 there will be 10 Lambs so i will sell 5 and keep 5. Month 22 there will be 15 lambs so i will sell 10 and keep 5. Month 27 there will be 20 Lambs you will sell 15. Month 32 there will be 25 you will sell 20 and then on month 37 you will have 30 and you will sell 25. After that every month you should have 30 Lambs born and you will sell 25 @ 200 = $5,000 plus you will sell 5 36week old at $1000 = $5000 making your total just from selling Lambs $10,000 a month $120,000 a year or $360,000 every 3 years/36 months

  6. You are to FS22 as WackyJacky was to PubG! Countless hours of meticulous effort to provide great data for the everyday user. You really have to plan out your farm in this game, so your work is invaluable to us! Thank you for the excellent content! I’d say keep it up, but I don’t want you to get burned out from it lol

  7. If you fill 65 sheep in your stable and they reproduce, where do the lambs go? If I have a second epmty stable will they automatically move there or do I have to split the sheep on both?
    Also thanks for the detailed explanations

  8. Great video, thanks for doing all this research, though there is one thing about when to sell the cows, you say 36 months, cause you get 3600 per cow, but if you sell at 24 months you can get 3000 per cow, and if you do the math, you can then sell 24 months 3 times in the time span where you can sell 36 months cows, which makes these numbers.

    24 3*3000=9000 Subtract 900 for buying 3 cows for this 72 month timespan and you will have a profit of 8100 or 2700 per cow Total profit 8100
    36 2*3600=7200 Subtract 600 for buying 2 cows for this 72 month timespan and you will have a profit of 6600 or 3300 per cow Total profit 6600
    This is not including prices for food.

    But magic number for selling will be 24 months for best proifit.

  9. Awesome video.
    The only confusing part (or I missed it) is what is the baseline to start with as you have to account for the lambs as you have to wait 36 months until sellinng.

  10. I have to disagree a bit at the cows, because if you put the average value of TMR/hay, slurry and manure into the calculation, you will see that the most profitable time is before 36months.
    At FS19 with seasons, it was around 16-18months. And yes, it also depends if you are useing the stable with feeding roboter or mixing the TMR by yourself (cheaper TMR possible).
    I'm currently testing and plotting the monthly consumption to give a final answer, but I suppose the best point will be direct after the first calf. So if you buy every month 3 calves until your first calves get born, you can sell than every month 3 cows with 27months old and a value of around 3125€ each so in total 112.500€ in one year and you have needed less TMR than on older cows.

    a other way would be to have cows which reproduce, and you sell the newborn when they have reached the maximum profit at, I don't know exactly, 18months or so

  11. Quick question as I'm trying to plan my sheeps and look for an optimal rotation and stock size… if you say the sheep breed "every 5 month" and they have the first lamb at 12 months….. do they get the 2nd one at month 16 or 17…. It could be 16 because 12,13,14,15,16…. or 17 because 12+5= 17…. Do you maybe know which one it is?

  12. IRl you’ll have cows that produce somewhere around 6 calves pretty common for angus. So in the game unless you have end of life stuff or repro things happening. Wouldn’t it be best to keep them till the 96mo period and just feed them hay after 48mo?


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