Haut-Beyleron with Licence Plate EU/FR V 1.01 FS22


Haut-Beyleron with Licence Plate EU/FR V 1.01 FS22
Version 1.01 (log is now error-free)
Log is now error-free.
This is the standard MAP Haut-Beyleron, I have changed the license plates to EU/FR.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Since nothing else has been changed on the MAp compared to the original, you can adapt your savegame from the original map and continue playing on it without any problems.
To do this, you only need to in your savegame (do not forget to save the file before):
Open the CareerSavgame.xml with an editor.
Find the entry “MapFR”
and replace it with this entry “FS22_Map_Baldar_FR.SampleModMap”.
Otherwise, do what you want with the MAP.
Thanks to Giants, for setting license plate numbers in the game.

Credits:Others: Giants for the card, the GE.
The Modcommunity and Giants for the tutorials to convert and rebuild the beach style maps as ModMaps.

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