Guide to Production Chains – Spinnery & Tailor – FS22 – PS4 – Console – Farming Simultor 22


Wondering what to do with your cotton and wool? Look no further and dive into the world of production chains. I will show you how to use them and what to do with the products they produce.

Hope this video helps you out and thanks for watching!!


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  1. Hmm I see that it hardly makes a difference whether you use cotton or wool, it produces almost the same amount of fabric.
    I find sheeps way easier and cheaper than cotton, so why should I use cotton as fabric?

  2. Is the spinnery able to take square cotton bales into the production chain(i own the spinnery,and also the tailor shop) with wool i had no problem putting it into the spinnery but i cant put the cotton bale into it and it sucks ass cuz i spent a whole hour harvesting cotton,dont let me even start talking about preparing the fields and sowing,weeding,fertilizing the cotton fileds


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