Greenhouse XLarge Revamp Edition v1.0.0.2 FS22


Greenhouse XLarge Revamp Edition v1.0.0.2 FS22
Expanded my Xlarge greenhouse based on Revamp.
slightly modified recipe
Reduced the amount of booster ingredients per cycle, but in the long run it was used up too quickly for me.
Production costs slightly increased.
Here for you who may need it. My XLarge greenhouse expanded with Revamp.
The idea came about when I continued to build on the map and had already converted a few productions to Revamp.
And this greenhouse will also be used on the map.
First of all as an independent mod for you, maybe one or the other can use it.
For this mod to work you need Revamp
Why Revamp? Quite simply, you can do great things with it.
I liked the individual design of the level indicators, which allows a small dynamic to be added.
But the level indicator wasn’t much for me, so I installed booster recipes, with which you can increase production with seeds, artificial fertilizers and manure.
If you don’t want boosters, just water is enough.
Default recipe
Water –> results in the normal production output of 100%
Booster recipes – additional products to the water
Seed gives a booster of 100% –> gives a production output of 200%
Artificial fertilizer gives a booster of 150% –> gives a production output of 250%
Mist gives a 150% booster –> gives a 250% production line
If you combine all 3 booster ingredients, a production output of 500% is possible.
Small fix, accidentally uploaded the wrong version or XML should be saved before uploading


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