GOLDCREST VALLEY FS22 | Farming Simulator 22 PS5 | Map Tour (review)


MAP TOUR OF GOLDCREST VALLEY FS22! We will be looking at all the sell points, slot count, and various things you need to know on this map!!!

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  1. Let me know what kind of series y’all want next. Kinda went in a weird direction with how I started frankenmuth. So just let me know what y’all think. Be greatly appreciated!

  2. Absolutely wrecked! This is not gold crest valley! I hated all the extra trees and changes on 19 but I was able to work at getting it back to what it was suppose to be! On 22 he changed the house the sheds it's a disaster! Defiantly not gold crest valley! If you bring a map over it should be what its suppose to be! This is not gold crest this is an insult to what gold crest is suppose to be! If he wants this ridiculous made non gold rest map then give us ones that know what gold crest valley was the original map! Ye I hate the changes! The one on 17 is still my favorite! Just changed it way to much !


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