FS22 | Valtra G Series (SimpleIC controls) – Farming Simulator 22 Mods Review (2K 60Hz)


Farming Simulator 22 | NEW MODS REVIEW (1440p 60Hz)
Valtra G Series (SimpleIC controls) V1 v2.1.0.0
(!!! Please LET ME KNOW if there’s a PROBLEMS with this VIDEO or Description !!!)

Author: GIANTS, z7Cola

Functions via SIC:
1. Right and left door can be opened
2. Rear window to open
3. Window on the left to open
4. Unfolding and unfolding the rotating beacons
5. Unlock and pull the steering wheel console
6. Bonnet to open
7. Interior lighting (This only works when I have light level 1 on!)
8. Trailer hitch can be shown or hidden
9. Ball head coupling can be shown or hidden
10. The front lower links can be folded in or out
11. Front fenders can be added or removed
12. Front hydraulics controllable with the mouse
13. Height-adjustable trailer coupling
14. Ball head coupling controllable with the mouse
(This is the order that can be switched by pressing the “G” key!)

Configurations and extensions:
15. Added Aloe front loader console
16. Configurations of the rotating beacons
17. Hauer front loader console added
18. Another motor configuration added
19. Added more original Valtra colors to choose from
20. Interior color selectable
21. The color of the Hauer front loader console can be selected
22. Rim color can be selected
23. Further tire configurations from:
Nokian, Trelleborg, Michelin, Mitas, Continental, BKT and Vredestein added

The Official GAME website:
The Official GAME ModHub :

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