FS22 New Map: Welker Farms Inc. – Farming Simulator 22 – Playstation 5


FS22 New Map – Welker Farms by Mappers Paradise- Farming Simulator 22. Great new US map with Big fields and a flat terrain. This was a very populaer map in FS19, and it most likely will be on FS22
There are some bugs here and there, but its first version, and I guess its a small fix for the map makers to fix.
This map is for all platforms
Map made by : Mappers Paradise
This Map tour is done on my Playstation 5
What do we start with of fields, farmhouse, vehicles, equipment?
Are there animals, BGA, Sawmill, sellpoints, production facilities?.

FS22 New Map: Welker Farms Inc. – Farming Simulator 22 – Playstation 5

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  1. Awesome map, I do hope there will come an update, for these bugs.
    Regards to the repair building on the farm, you will need to go in to the office there is a Welker icon and that is the repair icon ?
    Good tour as always Jelsa ??


  2. The office is in the shop it's right by the other door you missed if you check with the blinds were in the front of the shop that's where it was you didn't check out everything I'm just letting you know


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