FS22 MODDING TUTORIAL – The moddesc.xml | HOW TO MOD #1


Farming Simulator 22 MODDING TUTORIAL – The moddesc.xml | FS22 HOW TO MOD #1

Hi there!!!

First tutorial of the series FS22 Modding Tutorials, we start with the basics, the modDesc.xml and all his features, changes, characteristics and uses! Do you want to create a mod that works and has no issues? Here is were you start!

We are going to review the descVersion, how and where to set it right, the translations, the additional vehicleTypes, custom jointTypes and also the new storePacks!

0:00 Intro
0:14 Welcome!
0:58 descVersion – How to find the right one
2:22 descVersion – Where to find the last value
2:35 Global sections, author, title,…
4:27 Localization/Translation – 2 methods
8:20 modIcon
9:20 storeItems – The mods displayed in the store
10:42 extraSourceFiles and scripts (LUA’s)
12:49 vehicleTypes
14:21 dependencies
16:21 brands and brandcolors
18:05 jointTypes
18:59 storePacks
20:59 Outro

Example modDesc.xml can be found here:

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  1. Nice video and helpful. Can I ask how I can change some local files for the trailers or vehicles values and I present like a modes with different stats ??? Only for me . I don't want to upload to any site , just to see the some different specs of this vehicles and trailers. For example RX4 landing with 169 HP

  2. Thank you very much for the video. I'm approaching modding for the first time, and I'm a little rusty with code.

    I'd like to start modding from somewhere, instead of an empty file. I'd like, for example, edit an existing tool or building, and play around like editing specs of functions, color, etc. How do I "select" an object in game and start modding?

  3. they definitely used dependencies in fs19. welker farms used the big bud mods as dependencies. and the seasons geo's used the base seasons mod. Unless i misunderstood what you meant

  4. Please make auto suply Green House.
    Or any mod that at least help me suply the Green House water automaticly.
    I build 10 Green House, and i m tired from suply the water it needed.
    I made the gap and road too narrow that the truck cannot pass.
    Thanks for the vid.

  5. Saludos desde??, pero hace falta que hagas estos tutos en español tambien ya que si consigo al fin el Maya o el Revit necesitaria su ayuda para el mod del central azucarero, fabrica de azucar).

  6. I have a degree in video game design and this video really helped me figure things out. I havent programmed in a bit and I cant wait to start moding for FS22! This video was very informative and it was easy to follow and understand. I am looking forward to checking out your other videos on moding. Keep up the great work and I cant wait to see what you make next!!! Also I just thought of this question… do you have a mod manager you are using or are you just using your own created folders in the mod folder in FS22?

  7. Great video David I know there was a lot of code but the extra pages of code that you put in for us all to use the mods is unbelievable thank you very much for all that you do no wonder you get fed up with people saying ( when the mod coming out) great work as usual ????⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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