FS22 How To Use Production Chains – Grain Mill | Farming Simulator 22


In this tutorial I take a deep dive into the grain mill as part of a series looking at all the details of production chains.

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  1. Cycle amounts not working correctly with my spinnery. Did you run the factory for a set amount of hours and check the production amounts? They dont seem to be correct for me

  2. If you switch a production facility to sell which sell point does it use? The one with the highest or lowest value at that point? or does the factory get its own independent sell value? Or does it sell to your own sell point?

    Just curious if I'm better off moving pallets or selling direct. The flatbed trailer and telehandler are getting a workout right now.

  3. Im gonna do some dumb questions, but its the first time for me on this game.
    Im loving it btw.
    Im pretty much to the start…ive bought 2 lands and im starting to earn some money from them.
    After the start of the game where you buy the essential machines and tools…what should i aim for?
    Grain mill and bakery? (How many lands do i need to run them?)
    Thanks to everyone that will help me🙏

  4. Just saw your new video on crop yield per Hectare. Using the formula for each type of flour and the yields per Hectare you provided, it looks like one Hectare of wheat should give 7120 flour, one Hectare of oats should give 7144 flour, one Hectare of barley should give 7232 flour, and one Hectare of sorghum should give 8637 flour. Looks like the edge goes to our newest crop.

  5. I waited to see the profits for per product in that excel. From wheat, from barley, sorghum and the other. What is the cost of wheat flour and what is the revenue we get it from? For the next video, this could be a good content.

  6. Great video. The only question about the grain mill I have now, is really beyond the scope of the video. I will need to run tests on each grain to see which produces the most per acre to figure out which actually gives the most flour per acre planted. Thanks for the hard work, can't wait to see the rest of the chains. Trying to figure out which would be the best money maker to start with. Right now I am thinking either the grain mill, and bakery, or the spinnery and clothing factory.


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